Natashya Sheppard
Natashya Sheppard

Possessed puppy manual – problem solver

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12 June 2021 20:00

„Help me! My puppy is crazy!”


How often do you have this thought?

Or maybe you are just preparing your home for the arrival of a puppy, but are you already a bit afraid of the next few weeks?


Getting a puppy is often a time of great excitement and expectations of days filled with cute joy.  It is difficult to resist those puppy eyes and endearing head tilts.


However, the reality of living with a puppy can sometimes be quite different.  Often those sharing their home and lives with a new puppy can experience issues that they were not prepared for and suddenly feel disappointed that their expectations of the situation are not met.

Suddenly you can be faced with an out-of-control, snapping creature that has sharp needle-like teeth that is jumping up and hanging off of you!

Puppy problems are extremely common, as becoming an adult is a complex process in any species, involving both physical and mental growth and development.


It is likely you will experience to some degree the following issues whilst sharing your life with a puppy:


  • Biting.
  • Jumping up.
  • Behaviours classed as aggressive.
  • Toileting in the home.
  • Resource Guarding.


It is advisable to research before looking to bring a puppy home.  Preparation is key to success.

By participating in this webinar, we will offer advice to support you and your puppy through puppyhood, without frustration, and give you practical advice on how to deal with difficult moments.


In this webinar, we will discuss:


  • How to reduce puppy biting and mouthing.
  • How to teach your pup not to jump on guests.
  • What to do so that pup does not pee in the home, but outside.
  • Why your puppy may be descructive at home, and what you can do to help it stop.


Are you organizing to get a puppy? Then the Puppy Problems webinar is an essential tool to help you prepare to prevent or resolve any potential issues you may experience with your new arrival.

If you already have a puppy and are experiencing an issue with your pup and don’t know what to do, or would like guidance on how to understand your puppy’s problems better, and how to resolve them then the Puppy Problems webinar is valuable viewing.

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