Ryan Cartlidge
Ryan Cartlidge

Respecting contingencies, embracing invitations & growing awareness of our animals requests.

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17 November 2020 21:00
Behavior happens right before our eyes but we often miss it.
For example – do you know exactly what your learner does in the roughly 0.6 seconds between your thumb starting to push down on your clicker and then when it lifts completely off again?
Unfortunately, our human perceptions often dis-allow us to detect that kind of information in real-time. But by building your skills in this area – imagine how much more smoothly your training might go?
Additionally, our own perceptions, biases and past experiences can impact upon how we observe our animals – You might look at the same training session as someone else & both potentially perceive very different things!
This webinar uses video editing software to dissect training videos & examine in detail, behavior-environment relationships, like you have never seen before – using real-life case studies with cats, dogs, parrots, eagles & reptiles.
Seeing behavior broken down in an extremely granular fashion aims to help you;
• Boost your training success
• Develop different considerations
• Grow your observation skills
• Build upon your ability to embrace your learners invitations
• Grow a greater awareness of your learners requests
• Offer you tips and tricks for using video editing software for your own videos and to help out your clients when doing virtual consulting.


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