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Detection vol.2 – Basics of systematic search

How to switch from motivation to search

Roberta Bottaro Roberta Bottaro

Detection is an activity that involves the use of a dog trained to detect the presence of certain odors and warn their handler when target is found. This course will teach you the basics of systematic search to make a step forward towards operational employment.

Start: 01 May 2024
Next: 01 Jun 2024


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During the course I will teach you how to switch from toy motivation to systematic search. We will cover several topics, specifically:

  • How to switch from play to search
  • How to use a bricks wall properly
  • How to reduce the size of the target
  • How to increase sniffing frequency

The course is mainly intended for people who wish to work as a detection dog handler (e.g. in the conservation, pest control, private security, human remains, etc) but it is open also to those who want to learn more about this training.

Detection can also be a fun and entertaining activity: a growing number of enthusiasts are approaching this type of work because it is satisfying for both humans and dogs.


You are not required to buy expensive training material, all you need to be able to participate is a bricks wall (or similar material) and two red Kong or two identical toys that the dog loves. It is strongly suggested to enroll at the same time in the course “A world of scent” to acquire the theoretical knowledge necessary to successfully attend this course. We do not repeat here the basic theoretical concepts.

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  • Week 1 01 May 2024

    • Introduction

      Read this before proceeding to the first lesson!…

    • Progression plans

      A progression plan is a document containing all the individual steps necessary to teach stable and reliable behavior in every…

    • Choosing the reward

      Choosing the right reward and the right location of the reward makes learning much easier for the dog. The learner…

    • Create a bridge between indication and search

      The goal of this module is: – create the expectation that targets are small and are close to the starting…

  • Week 2 08 May 2024

    • From indication to search part 2

      Step 8 Goal – Indication on Kong 99/100 buried in soil search within a 3m x 3m area of soil.

    • Introducing discrimination

      The goal of this module is to: – create the expectation that targets are small and are close…

  • Week 4 22 May 2024

    • Outro

      Farewell and Keep Moving Forward! Mega Cheers and…

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