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Managing Aggressive Dog Behavior: Tips for Peaceful Living

Living with an aggressive dog may seem challenging, but it can be peaceful and manageable with the right approach. One key aspect is to remain…

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Unlocking the Secret to Successful Puppy Socialization: Quality over Quantity

Today, although the topic is very important, I will keep it brief. Socialization is a topic that could fill books or scientific papers. However, today…

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4 reasons why online puppy training is better than in-person

Most of the puppy guardians know that they need to train their puppy. But not every puppy will thrive in a puppy training class and…

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How to Stop Your Dog From Pulling on Leash

Is your dog pulling on the leash every time you go for a walk?  This can be incredibly frustrating and problematic for both ends of…

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Stinky Problem: Why do dogs eat poop?

Since dogs came to live with humans, coprophagia has become a major problem that was almost imperceptible before. It turns out that nearly 20% of…

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Some fun and functional behaviors to train with your cat and why

Training a cat?! Why would you do that? To distill that question down to a few sentences, training through a positive reinforcement (R+)-based approach with…

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How to prepare your cat for 4th of July fireworks?

While fireworks may be beautiful to behold, they can also be disastrous for any wildlife in the vicinity affected by their booming sound and vibrant,…

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Dog Christmas presents: A list of 12 gift ideas for your dog!

The race against time has begun.  There are only a dozen or so days left until Christmas.  Have you already chosen a gift for your dog?  You don’t…

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