Detection vol.2

Lineups training

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1 March 2020


What is the goal of this course?

This is the second module of a course aimed at providing the necessary skills to train a detection dog . The course is mainly intended for people who wish to work as a detection dog handler (e.g. in the conservation, pest control, private security, human remains, etc) but it is open also to those who want to learn more about this training.

Detection is an activity that involves the use of a dog trained to detect the presence of certain odors and warn its handler when the dog found them

The detection dog can be trained to detect the presence of bedbugs, mold, invasive species, plant diseases, faecal pellets of species of interest and other products of animal origin.

What is a lineup?

lineup is generally a procedure whereby a dog’s alerting behavior is used to establish that the dog detects one target scent among other “trash” scent. A lineup is made by several boxes usually identical each other placed in a line.

Why should we train lineup?

There are several reasons to use a scent lineup, let’s list some of them:

  • Teach a systematic way of search
  • Teach to discriminate the target scent
  • Teach to ignore distraction scents (later on we will add food and toy or other scents on the lineup)
  • Test your dog’s reliability to identify target scent
  • Teach new scents
  • Teach precise concentrations of target scent (i.e. medical detection)

Who can join this course? 

To join this course as Premium you should have participated into “Detection vol.1” course.

During the course we will cover the following topics:

  • What is lineup?
  • The need of training on lineups
  • How to built up a lineup
  • Walking on and off leash
  • Identification and discrimination

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