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From Pulling to Peace: Loose Leash Walking Course

Walk in harmony: the joy of peaceful walks

Anna Bartosik Anna Bartosik
Start: 01 Dec 2023
Next: 01 Mar 2024


  • Duration: 6 weeks.
  • Learning materials: Written lessons with video tutorials.
  • Access to other Premium members' threads for additional insights.
  • Certificate of attendance upon completion.
  • Lifetime, 24/7 access to course materials.
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  • Earn 15 loyalty program points.
  • Personalized attention: Instructor analyzes 12 minutes of your training videos weekly.
  • Engage in interactive learning with homework and daily feedback.
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“From Pulling to Peace: Loose Leash Walking Course” is a learning journey that revolutionizes dog walks into harmonious and enjoyable experiences. If you dread walking your dog due to constant pulling and a tight leash, this course offers a new level of guidance and connection. Reclaim your dog’s attention and create a walking partnership based on trust and cooperation. Envision strolling through the park with your companion calmly by your side, eagerly awaiting your guidance. This dream can become a reality with our meticulously designed course, which equips you with the skills and knowledge to achieve your polite walking goals. Together, we’ll conquer pulling challenges and create a positive and rewarding walking experience.

Who would benefit from taking this course?

This 6-week course is beneficial for dog caregivers and enthusiasts of all experience levels who want to transform their walks into a harmonious and enjoyable journey. Whether you struggle with leash pulling, seek to regain your dog’s attention during walks, or wish to prevent future walking troubles, this course provides effective strategies and techniques for individuals of all backgrounds. It caters to those with puppies, newly adopted dogs, and dogs of all breeds and sizes. By enrolling in this course, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome leash pulling, strengthen your bond with your dog, and confidently enjoy walks together.

What will you learn from this course?

During this comprehensive online program, you will delve into the following invaluable lessons:

  • Selecting the appropriate equipment for enjoyable walks with your dog: Discover the gear that suits your needs and enhances comfort for both you and your canine companion.
  • Efficient reinforcement techniques on the walk: Master the art of positive reinforcement to motivate and guide your dog towards loose leash walking success.
  • Teaching your dog to pay attention to you: Build a strong connection and establish yourself as the center of your dog’s focus, even in the most distracting environments.
  • Walking on a loose leash in a variety of locations: Explore different scenarios and environments to ensure your dog’s loose leash skills are solid and reliable wherever you go.
  • Managing tight leash situations: Learn how to handle those unexpected moments when the leash becomes tight and regain control without stress or strain.
  • Working with distractions and mastering walking games: Embrace challenges head-on and turn them into opportunities for growth and improvement.

By enrolling in our “From Pulling to Peace: Loose Leash Walking Course,” you’re not just investing in a mere online program. You’re investing in a future filled with enjoyable walks, strengthened communication, and an unbreakable bond with your beloved dog. Imagine the satisfaction and fulfillment of confidently guiding your dog on leisurely strolls, free from the frustration of pulling and a tight leash. The skills and techniques you’ll acquire will empower you to navigate any walking scenario with ease and grace, deepening the bond between you and your dog. Improved communication and understanding will extend beyond the walks, enhancing your daily interactions and creating a more balanced and joyful living environment. Take the first step towards a brighter future today, enrolling in our transformative course to embark on a journey that will forever change the way you walk with your beloved canine companion. Together, let’s create a lifetime of cherished memories and unforgettable adventures.

Course Testimonials

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  • Week 1 01 Dec 2023

    • 1. Introduction

      Read this before proceeding to the first lesson!…

    • 2. What is your dream walk?

      Think about what a walk with your dog looks like now. Do you walk on busy city sidewalks, in a subdivision,…

    • 3. Let’s talk about walking equipment

      I recommend using a harness and long leashes for all walks! The length of the leash will depend on the…

    • 4. Basic terminology

      Classical conditioning, operant conditioning and marker signals A few terms that may come up throughout the course are classical conditioning,…

    • 6. What to do when the leash gets tight?

      The strategy will depend on what is happening in the environment and what is the reason the dog is currently…

    • 5. Basic skills your dog will need – attention

      Let’s introduce the loose leash walking subject a little bit. What do we mean by loose leash walking? I heard…

    • 7. Building up movement

      For this week, to best set ourselves for success we are starting the training at home indoors without equipment. In…

    • 8. What are the necessary skills for you as a trainer/learner?

      When we have a dog-human team there are always 2 learners. What are the necessary skills for you (the human)…

  • Week 2 08 Dec 2023

    • 9. Teaching ‘This Way!’

      Teaching ‘This Way!’ is an effective method to train your dog to change direction, which comes in handy when you…

    • 10. Reinforcement placement – “takeout window”

      In the beginning, it is advisable to choose one reinforcement strategy and stick with that for a while. For the…

    • 11. Progressing attention exercise

      We worked on building attention to the handler as a first skill your dog will need. The first step was…

    • 12. Directional turns

      The next step on our loose leash walking journey is to start moving in different directions and reinforcing next to…

    • 13. 3D’s and starting inside

      Any time we train a new behavior, we need to think about slowly layering in distance, distractions and duration (commonly…

  • Week 3 15 Dec 2023

    • 14. Other reinforcement placement strategies

      We have tons of options when it comes to how and where we deliver treats during training, and our decisions…

    • 15. Changes of speed

      Another component to add to the loose leash walking skills is to include changes of speed. Try walking faster and…

    • 16. Working your environment

      Have you noticed when and where is your dog most likely to pull on the leash? For some dogs, it…

    • 17. Generalizing

      You are probably beginning to understand the importance of taking the time to generalize behaviors, in other words, teach behaviors…

    • 19. Recall

      Recall is a crucial skill for off-leash freedom, long leash walks, and quickly grabbing your dog’s focus on a short…

    • 18. Practicing ‘This Way!’ outside

      Building on the previous lesson about generalizing behavior, and after mastering ‘This Way!’ behavior indoors, it is time to start…

  • Week 4 22 Dec 2023

    • 20. Why do dogs pull?

      Dogs pull to get to interesting smells, sights, objects, people, and animals. It can also include finding something to eat.

    • 21. Listing out distractions for your dog

      To enhance each skill in your dog’s training repertoire, it’s crucial to systematically elevate the level of distraction. Start your…

    • 22. Working with distractions

      To start working with distractions we might first bring distracting objects to our low distracting environment. If for your dog,…

    • 23. Taking training to the more challenging environment

      When we take our training to a more distracting environment with people, animals, or even wildlife in view – one…

    • 24. Using the “distractions” as reinforcers

      When working on loose leash walking skills, one thing that you can do is to teach food as a reinforcer…

  • Week 5 29 Dec 2023

    • 25. Different types of walks

      If you only walk your dogs in the same park where they run and play and it’s the most exciting…

    • 26. Building duration

      It’s time to add more steps (duration of loose leash walking skills) and while we work on duration, we need…

    • 27. Coming closer to the distractions

      Building on our previous lesson, we can apply the same principles to those used when incorporating duration as we address…

    • 28. Practicing ‘This Way’ and recall in different environments

      While focusing on maintaining a loose leash during walks, it’s crucial to consistently hone additional skills like ‘This Way’ and…

  • Week 6 05 Jan 2024

    • 29. Putting it all together – distraction plus duration

      Now it’s time to put it all together! Start asking for more steps (duration) in a more distracting environment. If…

    • 30. Common challenges and troubleshooting

      Each team will understandably be different, but there seem to be some common challenges that pop up with loose leash…

    • 31. What does your walk look like now?

      What are your dog’s current skills? Which strategy I showed you works best for you and your dog? Maybe you…

    • 31. Congratulations!

      Farewell and Keep Moving Forward! Mega Cheers and…

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