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Kitty Kindergarten: Help Your Kitten Meet The World

Learn how to socialize your kitten, basic training skills, behavior problem solving and prevention.

Asti Budicahyani Asti Budicahyani

Start: 01 Jun 2024
Next: TBA


  • Duration: 6 weeks.
  • Learning materials: Written lessons with video tutorials.
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Join our comprehensive six-week course on kitten socialization and training! Discover the importance of the socialization period in cats and learn how to create a positive and well-adjusted feline companion. Whether you’re a foster care provider, a cat shelter attendant, a breeder, or an caregiver of older kittens, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to ensure a successful socialization journey for your kittens. From understanding feline body language to basic training techniques, this course covers everything you need to know to raise happy and well-behaved kittens.

Who would benefit from taking this course?

This course is suitable for:

  • Foster care providers and cat shelter attendants who want to help socialize kittens and increase their adoptability.
  • Breeders who want to ensure proper socialization before their kittens go to their new homes.
  • Caregivers of older kittens who are looking to enhance their training and bonding experience.
  • Individuals (professionals or hobbyists) seeking a deeper understanding of cat behavior and socialization techniques.

What will you learn from this course?

In this course, you will:

  • Understand the importance of the socialization period and its impact on a kitten’s behavior.
  • Learn how to socialize kittens during the sensitive period and read their body language.
  • Discover positive association techniques for gentle handling and body manipulation.
  • Gain skills to trim your cat’s claws without stress or restraint.
  • Learn how to prevent stress during vet visits and crate/carrier training.
  • Explore common behavior problems in kittens and strategies for prevention.
  • Learn basic training skills to strengthen the bond with your kitten and improve responsiveness to cues.
  • Cover essential training techniques such as clicker training, targeting, stationing, recall, and more.
  • Gain insights into behavior problem-solving and prevention techniques.
  • Establish a structured weekly breakdown for skill development and lecture topics.

Join us for this engaging six-week course, and unlock the secrets to effective kitten socialization and training. By understanding their needs and providing a positive learning environment, you’ll set your kittens up for a lifetime of happiness and healthy behavior. Enroll now and embark on a rewarding journey of fostering strong bonds and creating thriving feline companions.

Course Testimonials

This course does not have any testimonials yet.


  • Week 1 14 Jul 2024

    • Welcome!

      Read this before proceeding to the first lesson!…

    • Meet Your Instructor!

      Hi there cool cats! Welcome to kitty kindergarten. You might have heard of puppy preschool and puppy social class,…

    • Lecture 1.1: Kitten Socialization

      Kitten Socialization   Before jumping in to kitten socialization, let’s go over cat’s developmental stages. Feline Developmental Stages According to…

    • Lecture 1.2: Kitten Training

      Kitten Training Train a cat? Why? If you are new to cat training or modern day animal training, you might…

    • Socialization Exercise 1: Sounds

      Socialization Category: Sounds Things you need: Recorded sounds Sound CD Youtube puppy socialization sound Pupstanding App Lots of treats Think…

    • Skill Exercise 1.1: Clicker Training

      Clicker Training Clicker Mechanics Treat Delivery Prepare 10 pieces of treats, put them into a treat pouch/waist bag/fanny pack/snack pack.

    • Skill Exercise 1.2: Name Recognition

      Name Recognition Your kitten starts recognizing the name you assign her to. This is useful for: getting attention distracting from…

  • Week 2 14 Jul 2024

    • Lecture 2.1: Common Kitten Behaviors

      Common Kitten Behaviors During the first year of a cat’s life, there is a lot of physical and mental development…

    • Lecture 2.2: Preventing Litter Box Issues

      Cat litter box: your kitty is not trying to give you a hard time. Cats, unlike dogs, generally do not…

    • Socialization Exercise 2: People and Animals

      Socialization Category: People and Animals List: Women Men Children People of different looks Familiar adult cats Friendly kittens Mild-mannered dogs…

    • Skill Exercise 2.1: Targeting

      Targeting Teaching your kitten to follow a target. Why teach targeting? Mobilize your kitten without forcing her or carrying her…

    • Skill Exercise 2.2: Recall

      Recall Calling your cat to come to you. Steps Start in a room without any distraction. Put a treat…

  • Week 3 14 Jul 2024

    • Lecture 3: Preventing Destructive Scratching

      Cats have the need… the need to scratch! In a cat household, having a proper scratching post is mandatory. Non-optional.

    • Socialization Exercise 3: Veterinary Clinic Preparation

      Socialization Category: Veterinary Clinic Preparation Practice crate (see pet carrier training) Car rides If you are usually the driver, you…

    • Skill Exercise 3.1: Station Training

      Station Training Training your cat a place where she can wait for reinforcement. This is useful for: Weighing kittens When…

    • Skill Exercise 3.2: Pet Carrier Training

      Pet Carrier Training Getting your kitten comfortable in a pet carrier. Useful for: Travelling Vet clinic waiting room Confinement during…

  • Week 4 14 Jul 2024

    • Lecture 4.1: Gentle & Positive Handling

      Gentle & Positive Handling – The Importance of Feline Friendly Handling Why should we worry about feline friendly handling? Reduced…

    • Lecture 4.2: Proper Play Time

      Proper Play Time Young animals (including humans) play. Kittens play. It is an important part of kitten development. Normal social…

    • Socialization Exercise 4: Handling

      Socialization Category: Handling The basis of low stress grooming, medical exam, and enjoyable kitty cuddling session is a cat that…

    • Skill Exercise 4: Cone Training

      Cone Training (Also called Elizabethan collar training.) Getting your kitten comfortable wearing a cone or an Elizabethan collar. At some…

  • Week 5 14 Jul 2024

    • Lecture 5: Cats and the Outdoors

      Cats and the Outdoors “Whatever the specific lifestyle, the focus should be on providing an appropriate, stimulating, and safe environment…

    • Socialization Exercise 5.1: Handling pt. 2

      Socialization Category: Handling part 2 – Positive Nail Trim Continuing from last week’s handling portion, we are introducing positive nail…

    • Socialization Exercise 5.2: New Environments

      Socialization Category: New Environments Front yard or backyard Carpet or a rug Wood flooring Stairs Gravel Outdoor flooring Your neighborhood…

    • Skill Exercise 5: Harness Conditioning

      Harness Conditioning If you choose to let your cat have outdoor access but you do not have the resources to…

  • Week 6 14 Jul 2024

    • Lecture 6: Problem Solving Model

      Problem Solving Model Problem Solving Model in Animal Training Behavior has functions. When cats do a behavior they have an…

    • Socialization Exercise 6: Your Choice

      Socialization Category: Your Choice Now, this is our last week with this course but please continue working on you kitten’s…

    • Skill Exercise 6: Leash Walking

      Leash Walking You do not need to successfully finish “Harness Conditioning” in order to start training your cat to walk…

    • Final Thoughts: Celebrating Achievements and Continuing the Journey

      Farewell and Keep Moving Forward! Mega Cheers and…

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