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Mat and crate training foundations

All the fundamentals of training can be learned in mat training

Masaru Fujii Masaru Fujii
Start: 01 May 2024
Next: 01 Aug 2024


  • Duration: 6 weeks.
  • Learning materials: Written lessons with video tutorials.
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Mat training is one of the most important behaviors that can be taught. It’s very useful in many situations when people and dogs live in the same space.  


Placement and size of the mat, your position, location of the treats, the timing of cues and markers, and other factors can create many variations of mat training. But don’t be scared, I will guide you through this process step by step!  


This mat training course will provide you with ideas on how to incorporate mat training into your daily life in a natural way so that both you and your dog can live stress-free and secure lives.  


Think about these questions: 

  • Do you want your dog to stay on the mat while you vacuum?
  • Do you want your dog to stay on the mat when you have guests or a delivery guy bring you a package?
  • Do you want the dog to stay on the mat while you prepare the dog’s food?
  • Do you want the dog to stay on the mat while you eat your dinner at the table?
  • Do you want the dog to stay on the mat while you work at your desk?

  If you have said YES! at least once while reading the questions above, you have to register for the course 😀  


I will also share with you the “Most Common Mistakes” people tend to make when mat training, so you can learn in the shortest amount of time possible.  


Here are the skills and concepts that will be taught in the course: 

➡️ Antecedent Arrangements – prevention is better than cure

➡️ 3Ds-Distance, Distraction, and Duration

➡️ Understanding operant conditioning and classical conditioning

➡️ Going to the mat on cue

➡️ Replace it with a context cue

➡️ Stay on the mat until the release cue

➡️ Stay calm and settle on the mat

➡️ Generalize to both – inside and outside the house

➡️ Generalize to crate training – very useful during traveling (safety!) or in the animal hospital  


If your dog knows mat training very well, you can get a peaceful family visit without jumping or have tea with your dog at a cafe!  


I hope you will join this course and enrich your life with your dog through mat training. Register now!

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  • Week 1 01 May 2024

    • Welcome!

      Read this before proceeding to the first lesson! Welcome, students!  This course will start on Thursday, February 1st, and will…

    • Video Submissions and Training Guidelines

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    • Benefits of teaching mat training, conditioning marker and food delivery

      Benefits of teaching mat training I often choose “mat training” as the first action I…

    • Understanding operant conditioning and classical conditioning

      The following are principles of behavior that should be understood prior to mat training. Operant Conditioning…

    • Training is a long journey

      These are all the classes for WEEK 1. Assignments may be too difficult for some students and too easy for…

  • Week 2 08 May 2024

    • Welcome to Week two

      (Ralph, Flat Coated Retriever) I was able to check out some great exercises from the…

    • Luring, capturing and timing of reinforcement

      Luring and Fading Luring is one of the skills of guiding a dog with food or treats. Luring is an…

    • Setting your dog up for success

      Through the lessons up to this point, you have acquired the basic skills necessary for…

    • Antecedent Arrangements

      We have already shared basic techniques with you , but some of you may be…

    • Calm and settle on mat and Release on cue

      Calm and Settle In mat training, we reinforce the behavior your dog staying on the…

  • Week 3 15 May 2024

    • Welcome to Week three

      (Mona, Chihuahua and Toy Poodle mix) We are now in WEEK3 of this course. We…

    • Looking for the quick fix and common errors when mat training

      We all want behavioral problems solved quickly, but the reality is that it takes time…

    • Small approximations are the key to success

      Even useful training techniques we have learned so far would not be possible without small…

    • 3Ds -Distance, Distraction and Duration-

      There are three important factors to consider in all training, not just mat training. They are called “3Ds” in animal…

    • Generalization part 1

      Training Challenge in WEEK3 (homework)  “Stimulus Generalization” Generalization is when an animal applies something learned…

  • Week 4 22 May 2024

    • Welcome to Week four

      (Asahi, German Shepherd) Hello. Today we start WEEK 4. We are now in the second…

    • Generalization part 2

      Generalize desirable behavior(s) to various situations.  In WEEK 4, we will build on what we have learned up to WEEK…

    • Generalization to Crate training

      Mat versus Crate Crate training is commonly taught using luring and other methods, but can also be taught using generalization…

    • What behavior(s) do you want to generalize?

      Generalization & Discrimination We would like to generalize desirable behaviors to various situations and discriminate undesirable behaviors so that the…

    • Desensitize, Desensitize, Desensitize

      Desensitization is a continuous process that never ends The introduction of stimuli that may distracts your dog, especially those that…

  • Week 5 29 May 2024

    • Welcome to Week five

      Hi Everyone, You are learning the process of generalizing mat training to various situations from…

    • Replace verbal cue/hand signal with a context cue

      Context Cue In this picture, My adorable dog ‘Dai’ is on a mat. When I move…

    • Generalization part 3

      We have done generalization training in WEEK 3 and WEEK 4. Training that we thought would not work because the…

    • Generalization to animal hospital

      Animal hospital has a variety of distractions, including the smells of other dogs, mechanical noises, strong lights, animals of other…

    • Do you see any visible changes in your dog?

      I often hear these two comments when I teach mat training to my students. 1.My dog became less excited and…

  • Week 6 05 Jun 2024

    • Welcome to Week six

      Hi, Everyone. This week, it is time to bring it all home. These next seven…

    • Most common mistakes when teaching mat/crate training

      (1) Trying to start teaching by giving cues from the beginning, even though he/she does…

    • Place to post questions, and unrelated things

      (There is no training challenge for WEEK 6) Premiums, I’d love to hear from you this week—all of…

    • Final Thoughts: Celebrating Achievements and Continuing the Journey

      Farewell and Keep Moving Forward! Mega Cheers…

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