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Monthly mentoring: dog trainer

Full month of mentoring with 1:1´s and a deep dive into your passion

Catja Pedersen Catja Pedersen

Would you like 4 weeks of full support in your training journey? I am here for just that!

Start: 01 Feb 2024
Next: TBA


  • Duration: 6 weeks.
  • Learning materials: Written lessons with video tutorials.
  • Access to other Premium members' threads for additional insights.
  • Certificate of attendance upon completion.
  • Lifetime, 24/7 access to course materials.
  • Join the vibrant Tromplo community.
  • Earn 4 loyalty program points.


  • Earn 15 loyalty program points.
  • Personalized attention: Instructor analyzes 12 minutes of your training videos weekly.
  • Engage in interactive learning with homework and daily feedback.

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Are you feeling a bit LONELY and LOST in your dog training journey and would like someone to be by your side? BURNED OUT after years in the dog training industry? Do you need someone to discuss your training problems, hold you accountable for your training plan, help set your goals, or monitor your work with clients? Or simply have someone to share your ideas and concerns with? Maybe you feel stuck with your training or do you suffer from imposter syndrome? Do you aspire to become that dog trainer who effortlessly makes everything look easy and simple?


Regardless if you just got a new dog and want the introduction to your house to go as smoothly as possible, if you have a challenge you just can´t seem to cross off your list, or if you´ve been training for many years, but would like support at this stage of your career, this is the place for you. Everything will be personalized to you and the topics you choose.

This mentorship has some topics we will go through, but you can also choose topics that you find more interesting. If you have a request for a topic, please contact me, and I will tell you if it is within my ability.

Potential topic you can clean up your confusion during mentoring:

  • Training loops and shaping
  • Errorless training
  • LIFE/LIMA principles
  • How do we navigate all the information that is out there and find out what´s relevant?
  • Increasing or lowering criteria – when and how?
  • Applying Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Exploring Dog Sports of your choice
  • Following your Career path
  • Changing your behavior habits
  • and so much more!

 I get you! Join me for monthly mentoring, and I’ll guide you through the process! 

This is what you´ll get.

  • One month of my support
  • Personal confidential space to share your work, worries and joys
  • Weekly challenges designed to fit your choice of dog sport or passion
  • Weekly 40-minute Zoom meetings 1:1 (live training sessions)
  • Follow up plan after our Zoom meetings, with guidelines and goals
  • Weekly topics for analysis and discussion
  • Daily feedback and support on your videos (6 days per week)
  • The benchmarking systems that are relevant to your personal training
  • Constructive, kind, and useful feedback
  • Systems to improve your training skills
  • Supervision of your work
  • Learning how to make training easy for you and the dog
  • Solving training problems and how to deal with “errors”
  • Working on your behavior habits
  • Becoming more independent in your training journey

The life of a dog trainer is a fascinating journey! But it can get confusing and lonely and sometimes, we just need someone to lean on.

Join me and become more confident in your skills, and training and bring back more joy and excitement to your dog training!

If you have any questions make sure to contact me at


  • The price of $495 is limited to students signing up before February! It will increase for the next edition in April to $550. But there’s more! If you sign up before February, you will keep the 10% discount even if we raise the price in the future.
  • For the price that usually equals a weekend seminar, you will receive daily monitoring for a month! Don’t wait to sign up; there are only 6 spots available!



  • We want this to be a safe place for only conversation between the mentor and the mentee. This mentoring doesn’t have Auditor’s spots, Premium members won’t be able to see each other’s threads for the sake of privacy.
  • This mentoring runs from February 1st to February 29th


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  • Week 1 05 Mar 2024

    • Introduction

      Read this before proceeding to the first lesson! Welcome, students! …

  • Week 4 05 Mar 2024

    • Outro

      Farewell and Keep Moving Forward! Mega Cheers and a round of applause…

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