Off cue – off control? Vol 1!

Developing skills you and your learner need, to train exactly what you dream off.

Catja Pedersen Catja Pedersen
Start: 01 Jun 2024
Next: 01 Aug 2024


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This is a course for you, if you want to work with your dog on getting a large behaviors repertoire, and rely on as little helping tools as possible.

In this course we will work with breaking down all the things you would like your learner to able to do, into single behaviors. We focus on developing multiple of the skills you and your learner need, to teach them exactly what you dream off. We do this by shaping and capturing behaviors, and we work with them off cue, to make sure we get the exact behavior.

The focus of this course is to get the learner started on offering behaviors. We will try to build a big repetoire of behaviors, so that our learners get creative and become an very active part of our training. If you want to start all the behaviors this course covers, there is going to be quite a lot of work – so be prepared for that.

The behaviors we will cover in this course are:

  • Focus
  • Targeting
  • Sit
  • Backing
  • Heel position
  • Recall
  • Heeling
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Stay
  • Doggie-zen
  • Hold it
  • Release
  • Bark
  • Jump
  • Search

Under each behavior box, there are several behaviors. We will go through a few of them, and you are always free to chose which behaviors you would like to focus on. We will also discuss the topics of:

  • Off cue
  • Fluency
  • Doggie-zen
  • Cues

Pocket it!

This course focus will be working without treats in hand and helping as little as possible, without leaving your animal frustrated.

We give the learner the highest rage of choice we can, and teach the learner to actively take part in the training. This will be part 1, where you get introduced to all of the behaviors, and then select 1 to work with from every box.

In vol. 2, we will work more on fluency and adding variations to the behaviors. This course is suitable for you if you would like your dog to offer you more behaviors and like to shape them in the direction you want. If you already have all the above behaviors off cue, part 2 would be a suitable option for you.

Course Testimonials

Odie and I have LOVED this course so much! I have gained way more in the last 6 weeks than in many many courses I have done previously (and we were just auditors). The training videos are beautiful to watch and inspiring and have helped me clean up my training so it’s loopy and more understandable to Odie. I have achieved things that on first glance I never thought we’d ever get (backwards walking at heel, hold, pick up hold!)!

I highly recommend this course, Catja is a really excellent and inspiring teacher and she has made learning fun and straightforward!

Carol Milner

March 16, 2024

This course and Catja’s support is immense! I’ve had so much fun learning and I’m inspired to keep going with off cue techniques to improve my training. Highly recommend the course and Catja’s teaching.

Trudi Dempsey

March 7, 2024

This is one of the best courses I’ve attended. I learnt many things that I didn’t know, I learnt from my mistakes and I started to look at training with new eyes. Catja is an amazing teacher, she’s always happy and kind. She helped me every single day, she taught me to divide behaviors in small parts so that the dog can really understand the process. She has been overwhelmed by my questions but she always replied, no matter what. Even when language was a barrier, she found the time to show me some things through videos. She soon understood me and my dog so she could find the best solutions for our problems or mistakes. And this is what I expect from a teacher. I am sorry, I’m not an English native speaker otherwise I would have more words to explain what a wonderful person and teacher Catja is. This is my first Tromplo course and I am totally satisfied :))

Arianna Tomassoli

June 30, 2023

The idea as such “attach a cue when the behavior is fluent” cannot even grasp the concept and possibilities which are revealed by the way of working of Catja and her course “Off Cue, Off Control”. Never before became it so clear to me that the one behaviour builds on the one before. You might read my sentence and think “of course …”. I can only say that there is a different level and experience behind this way of working which challenged me more than my leaner (I have to admit). I really enjoyed the quietness of this work and I became so much more aware of my body in relation to my learner and in the environment.
When I got stuck Catja was always there for me with an alternative approach. She is a very thoughtful and compassionate instructor and she supported me in a wonderful way.
This course has more than 6 weeks material (at least for me) and will accompany me so much longer.
Catja, thank you so much for your warm and understanding support which I really appreciated very much.

Andrea Dvorak

June 30, 2023

Just superb Catja thank you so much! Working through the course has totally changed my way of thinking about cues. I would have added them previously long before we became fluent so seeing how this works so well has been eye opening and I haven’t missed the cues one bit in the process. We’ve become fascinated by Hold and Heel both of which would have been on my ‘ I might train this one day if there’s nothing else appealing to train’ ( in other words I WONT be training those!!) Already looking forward to refining both in Part 11 course ?
You are a very kind trainer always finding something encouraging to say even when we made an arse of things and coming up with great ideas when we needed to think outside the box .It’s been a super fun  journey and there’s no doubt that Pie has enjoyed it just as much as me!
​​​​​​​5 stars for sure!!!

Jennifer Will

June 30, 2023

I highly enjoyed this course, I cannot praise Catja enough for her kind support and genuine interest as a teacher. She has a real skill for seeing the tiniest things you can change that make a massive difference on the behaviour and also thinking outside of the box. She is the perfect guide to develop your own handling as well. We made progress on the retrieve, where we have been stuck on the hold meaning chewing for months on end and finally got a bit of a breakthrough and some hope =) The lectures are very structured and you get a skillset and a sort of checklist you can use for future training sessions as, this is truly lifelong learning and I am looking forward to the next course with Catja, hopefully in spring 2021! Words are not enough to express my gratitude for all the take-aways from the course <3

Carolina Sixt

June 30, 2023


  • Week 1 01 Jun 2024

    • Welcome!

      Please read this before proceeding to the first lesson! Welcome, students!  This course will start on Thursday, February 1st, and…

    • Why off cue?

      Welcome to the first lesson.  I am thrilled to have you here, as off cue behaviors are one of…

    • Fluency is our goal

      Lets look a bit at fluency! We are not going to go so much in depth with this topic…

    • Getting started

      How do we start this? First we start with defining which behaviors we need, to be able to teach the…

    • What is doggie-zen?

      What is the fuss all about? In the basic behavior schedule, that you were introduced to yesterday, you have…

    • Homework week 1

      Let me try to start just a little softer We are going to start practicing those behaviors, from next…

  • Week 2 08 Jun 2024

    • Box 1 – Focus please

      Welcome back.  I hope you have enjoyed having a few days off,- or at least of from lessons.

    • Box 2. Target it!

      Today we will be looking at the target behaviors.  The target behaviors are quite important,…

    • Box 3 – See that sit!

      New day, new behavior I know you already have a lot of behaviors to practice now, but I will…

    • Box 4 – Power to the hindlegs!

      Time to back up! This behavior is both one I love, and I hate. I love it because it is…

    • Homework week 2

      I feel like you have already had so much homework to do, so for this week, lets just say, that…

  • Week 3 15 Jun 2024

    • Box 5 – Hello heel position

      Welcome back!  I hope you have had some great days since we ended last week, and that you got to…

    • Box 6 – Run for the goal

      Today we are looking at running from a steady position.  We can teach this both for recall, obedience, agility, and…

    • Box 7 – Heel away

      Before we even start this box, I wanted to give you a tip, for making the position like a magnet…

    • Box 8 – Get down

      Today we have reached the final stage of week 3.  Let´s celebrate that with looking at the box for down. …

    • Homework week 3

      For this weeks homework (like I did not give you enough to do already), I would like you to put…

  • Week 4 22 Jun 2024

    • Box 9 – Stand up now

      Now it’s time to stand! I hope you have had a few good days off from lessons, and that…

    • Box 10 – Stay there

      Time to hold the pose. After teaching a lot of active behaviors, we now need to remember to practice…

    • Box 11 – Doggie-zen

      Doggie -zen So… we have already covered a lot of doggie-zen in each box. This is just examples of…

    • Box 12 – Hold it!

      Time to hold on! In today´s lesson we will move on to something that is slightly different from…

    • Homework week 4

      Homework time!  I would like for you to make a small list, of the behaviors (or smaller behaviors in you…

  • Week 5 29 Jun 2024

    • Box 13 – Release please

      Now it is time to start week 5 – amazing how time flies.  Some of the behaviors for this week,…

    • Box 14 – Make some noise

      Time for to the dog to make some noise.  If you have no intention on doing working dog trials,…

    • Box 15 – Jump, jump!

      Jump, jump! For today´s lesson, I am only going to make you watch 1 video, and I will try…

    • Box 16 – search and find

      Now it is time to start using the nose – well not yours (that would probably be weird), but the…

    • Homework week 5

      Homework!  This week has been a mix of obedience behaviors and working dog sport behaviors. It has also been the…

  • Week 6 06 Jul 2024

    • How do we get fluency in the behaviors

      Fluency part 2 We talked a bit about fluency, in lesson 3. I am going to give you a bit…

    • Cue it

      Fluency, then what?  Since we have now gone through a lot of the behaviors in the basic skill schedule I…

    • What is on your mind?

      As we are getting very close to the end of this course, I wanted to dedicate this lesson, for you…

    • Final Thoughts: Celebrating Achievements and Continuing the Journey

      Farewell and Keep Moving Forward! Mega Cheers and…

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