Agnieszka Janarek

Position changes in obedience

Position changes for precision geeks!

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1 June 2023



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Position changes are one of my favorite exercises from the obedience ring.

Starting in class 1 all the way to Elite class (class 3) there is always something we can focus on when doing position changes. This exercise is a perfect combination of precision and speed which equals fluency!

Distance control is also a perfect exercise for behavior/precision nerd like myself! There is a lot of focus on those micro-movements, tiny weight shifts that change the whole process of learning.


The course will cover:

✔️ front anchored positions – sit from stand – sit from down – stand from down – stand from sit – down from sit – down from stand

✔️ building precision in each movement

✔️ adding distance

✔️ adding cues

✔️ adding duration

✔️ trial variations


Rear anchored positions will be covered in different courses.

Prerequisites: – clicker training foundations.


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