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Recall Revolution: How to Transform your so-so Recall to a Rocket Recall

Your Journey With Your Pet Gundog Begins Here!

Christina Bluhme Christina Bluhme
Start: 01 Jul 2024
Next: 01 Sep 2024


  • Duration: 6 weeks.
  • Learning materials: Written lessons with video tutorials.
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This course is a specialized program that focuses on teaching the SIX pillars of Recall. 

The intrinsic motivation for hunting and chasing in gundog breeds is powerful. During the hunt or chase, our Recall tends to fail, compromising the safety of our canine partners and wildlife. During this course, we will explore the value of the reinforcer, the cue, the conditioned response, engagement and stillness to movement.

Who would benefit from taking this course?

This course is for you who have a passion for training pet gundogs and want to understand and work with their specific motivations. Whether you’re a competitive gundog enthusiast, a professional dog trainer, or a lucky pet gundog owner, this course is for you. It offers in-depth insights, practical techniques, and communication enhancement to help you improve your gundog training skills.

What will you learn from this course:

Throughout the course, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of building a recall and deep insight into the foundations of working with a pet gundog.

The key topics covered include:

  • Reinforcement strategies for gundog breeds
  • Cueing: teach, transfer and condition a whistle cue. 
  • Engagement building: through gundog-specific games and training techniques.
  • Stop the chase: strategies for teaching stillness to movement.

Prerequisites for this course include an understanding of clicker training. Participants should have experience with clicker training techniques and a basic knowledge of positive reinforcement principles.

By the end of this course, participants will have acquired advanced skills in teaching rocket recall. You will possess the knowledge and techniques to effectively train your dog to perform a reliable recall in the presence of the most challenging triggers. Whether your goal is to excel in competitive gundog sports or strengthen your bond and communication with your canine companion, this course will enhance your training capabilities and elevate your gundog training skills.

Course Testimonials

This course gave me excellent insight into the recall with my dog. The way Christina broke it down regarding the predatory sequence was a big turning point for me and my dog. Shine, and I enjoyed the class and learned so much. Christina was kind and thoughtful in her feedback, and I hope she will do some more gundog courses in the future. Karen and Shine March 2024 

Karen Johnston Johnston

March 12, 2024


  • Week 1 01 Jul 2024

    • A Warm Welcome

      Welcome! Read this before proceeding to the first lesson!…

    • Let’s get to know eachother

      Hello and welcome!  I am thrilled you’ve chosen…

    • Everything you need to complete Revolution Recall

      Embarking on Revolution Recall online course is an exciting journey filled with opportunities,…

    • Know you Gundog – Unlocking Your Gundog’s Recall Potential

      Know Your Gundog To fully train your gundog,…

    • Homework

      Homework: Observational Homework: In the…

  • Week 2 08 Jul 2024

    • The Revolution Recall – The behaviour dissected

      The Revolution Recall – the behaviour dissected  We all experienced how a recall isn’t as simple as it can…

    • Training a cue to fluency

      Fluency is the ability to perform a task smoothly and without difficulty. To better understand this concept, let’s consider the…

    • Let’s talk more about cues

      Let’s talk more about cues. Back in the day, as clicker trainers, we learned the importance of teaching a…

    • Foundation games – Freebies

      Freebies Below are the steps to condition your dog to respond to your whistle cue. Remember, we…

    • Foundation games – Check-in, A warm up game

      Check-In Game. Engagement games are crucial for communication and teamwork. This exercise teaches a…

    • Foundation games – Follow Me

      Follow Me is a fun, simple game you can vary the more your dog gets the…

    • Homework

      Thank you for a great week where we learned how to teach cues and behaviours to fluency. Remember, any…

  • Week 3 15 Jul 2024

    • Exploring reinforcement strategies: What does your dog love?

      Welcome to Week 3! Time flies by so quickly. The time and effort we put into building the recall…

    • Surprise Surprise – Implementing multiple reinforcement strategies.

      Dogs often display a decreased response to a cue over time (Incentive motivation in pet dogs – preference for constant…

    • Marker Training

      We have a busy week ahead of us with lots of training games. If you frequently use a clicker and…

    • Revolution Recall: Stooop!

      Stoooop When we blow the stop whistle, we expect our dog to immediately stop whatever they are doing, remain…

    • Revolution Recall: Hand Target

      Nose Touch to Hand The nose-to-hand behaviour is an essential skill for your dog as it provides them…

    • Revolution Recall Games: The Seesaw

      The Seesaw Recall The Seesaw game aims to strengthen the whistle recall signal conditioning and teach…

    • Revolution Recall Games: The Imaginary Retrieve

      The Imaginary Retrieve Our next game is one of my favourite games. We get…

    • Revolution Recall Games: The Starfish

      The Starfish Game The starfish game is another fun game where we drill the two cues,…

    • Revolution Recall Games: The Double Whammy

      The Double Whammy Recall Game The Double Whammy game is another fun foundation game where we…

    • You Got Homework!

      Hi there! I hope you’re doing well.  Attention Gold students! This is a friendly reminder to upload a video…

  • Week 4 22 Jul 2024

    • Let’s set your gundog up for success.

      Welcome to the fourth week of our program! I hope you’re doing well and feeling excited about our progress. This…

    • Discovering your gundog’s favourite distractions

      Discovering your gundog’s favourite distractions This week, we will focus on setting you and your…

    • Prevention and management is the key to success.

      Preventing predatory behaviour is crucial in a recall training plan. In the last session, you’ve identified where your dog indulges…

    • Environment matters

      We have spent the first three weeks building connections, conditioning the recall cue, and shaping our dog’s behaviour.

    • Stop the chase

      Stop The Chase game.  We will inevitably come across distractions that your dog loves. To tackle…

  • Week 5 29 Jul 2024

    • Welcome to week 5

      Hello and welcome to Week 5,  It’s hard to believe how quickly time has flown…

    • Emotion-centered Gundog Training

      When discussing our dogs’ emotions, we should ask ourselves if we use evidence-based insights or simply anthropomorphising. It’s important to…

    • Why Executive Functioning Skills Matter In Gundog Training

      Dogs with a high level of obedience and this unique ability to regulate themselves even when highly excited…

    • Speed bumps

      Speed bump behaviours Arousal is a state of physiological alertness and readiness for action. When our dog…

    • EF gundog games “One Game-Six Targets”

      The Ultimate EF Game, “One Game-Six Targets”  One of my all-time favourite games, this game involves…

  • Week 6 05 Aug 2024

    • Welcome to week 6

      Can you believe it? Last Week of our Revolution Recall Course  We’ve reached the final…

    • Practice makes perfect.

      Do you remember week 2 (lesson 9), where we dissected the recall? We identified six sequences of the recall behaviour. …

    • Troubleshooting

      A failed Recall is information, only information.  When it’s time to take off the training lead,…

    • A goal broken down into steps is a plan – Let’s get planning.

      “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” This Chinese…

    • Securing the Precious Revolution Recall.

      Securing the Precious Revolution Recall Your training adventure is just as vital as the result.

    • Time To Say Goodbye

      Unleash the Revolution Recall Mastery! Congratulations, fellow gundog enthusiasts! You’ve embarked on a journey to transform your…

    • Outro

      Farewell and Keep Moving Forward! Mega Cheers and…

    • References

      I’d like to express my gratitude to my colleagues and friends whose work has been a great source of inspiration…

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