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WYW – What you wish!

The course tailored to your needs!

Catja Pedersen Catja Pedersen
Start: 01 Apr 2024
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  • Duration: 6 weeks.
  • Learning materials: Written lessons with video tutorials.
  • Access to other Premium members' threads for additional insights.
  • Certificate of attendance upon completion.
  • Lifetime, 24/7 access to course materials.
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  • Earn 15 loyalty program points.
  • Personalized attention: Instructor analyzes 12 minutes of your training videos weekly.
  • Engage in interactive learning with homework and daily feedback.

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This is the course for you, if you have very specific behaviors you want to work on, and want to dedicate time to getting it perfect it. Since there, after a lot of the courses, has been requests for one-to-ones, I decided to create this course, as the online version of that. This is your chance to get 6 weeks of feedback on your videos, without it being within in certain limits. The sky is the limit here, and the only criteria for me to help you, is that you are using positive reinforcement. You tell me what behavior your are aiming for, and how it looks, and I will help you get there. Here, there will be information on

  • off cue behaviors
  • fluency
  • cueing
  • backchaining
  • doggie-zen

We will not go very deep into many theoretical lessons in this course, as this is mainly for the practical purpose, and therefor this is not a suitable course for most auditors.

Course Testimonials

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I chose to receive help on teaching a dog to indicate different objects using only a verbal cue. I was thrilled with the progress that I made in the six weeks and most importantly, myself and my dog enjoyed the process!

I would recommend this course for one reason – you get to work with a brilliant teacher! How nice it is to train a dog and get coached by someone who not only has incredible skills and knowledge in dog training, but is a gifted teacher. To make a learning process fun, set goals that are achievable, be encouraged along the way, get challenged to improve yourself and witness outcomes that you know you wouldn’t have achieved by yourself is incredibly rewarding. Catja is a teacher of rare quality. She constantly picks out the behaviours of the student (me!) that she knows she needs to see more of and she gently encourages the behaviours that need more work (while providing the feedback that enables you to get there). My only disappointment from this course is that it makes me wonder how much better I’d be if I had more amazing teachers like this in my life! I’d encourage anyone to be coached by Catja, you’ll come away inspired, and a much better dog trainer.

Daniel Fitzgerald

June 30, 2023


  • Week 1 18 Jun 2024

    • Welcome!

      Please read this before proceeding to the first lesson! Welcome, students!  This course will start on Monday,April 1st, and will…

    • Fluency. Despite repeated warnings

      What fluency is Since this course is all about what you want, I am just providing you with some information…

    • “Off cue” behaviors. Shape of things to come!

      I would like to tell you a bit about “off cue” behaviors, as it is very likely that we will…

    • Fluency part 2.

      The benefits of fluency  “Binder et Al. (1990) observed that students may emit inappropriate or aggressive behavior when asked to…

  • Week 2 18 Jun 2024

    • Let’s make it happen

      Even though the lessons were on fluency, that does not mean you need to work with that.  I would like…

  • Week 3 18 Jun 2024

    • Doggie-zen! If you leave me now..!

      We are now 3 weeks in, and I wanted to direct your attention to the “lessons” with your name. …

  • Week 4 18 Jun 2024

    • If you liked it, then you should have put a cue on it

      Cue it Fluency, then what?  I thought we should use this session to dive a bit more into cues, as…

    • Final Thoughts: Celebrating Achievements and Continuing the Journey

      Farewell and Keep Moving Forward! Mega Cheers and…

  • Week 5 18 Jun 2024

    • Chain it up! Chain reaction.

      The next step! So for this week, I want to talk a bit about backchaining with you.  There are different…

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