Linlin Cao
Linlin Cao

Management and training for reactive dogs

If you have a reactive dog, excited dog, fearful dog, or anxious dog, this course is for you!

course starts
1 November 2021


Sarah Owings
Sarah Owings

Trust Code Pt. 1

“Go to people for opinions. Go to animals for answers.” -Alexandra Kurland

course starts
1 November 2021


Agnieszka Janarek

Let Me Want It

This course focuses on teaching our dogs that they have choices and that their behavior has power!

course starts
1 January 2022


Sarah Owings
Sarah Owings

Control Is An Illusion: Rethinking How We Teach for “Impulse Control”

What do we really mean when we talk about impulse control?

course starts
1 November 2021




Alamelu Sankaranarayanan

April 13, 2021

Attention Please

Everyone will agree that attention is one of the most important components in a communication channel between two individuals, irrespective of species, or task. Funnily enough, it is also the skill that we tend to gloss over, because there are so many other *shiny* things that seem more important to work on. I think a big reason for this is that the concept of attention has a certain je ne sais quois, and it is hard/intimidating to motivate yourself to work towards a vague goal.

What I loved about this class how is thoughtfully Agnieszka has planned it, starting with helping you define exactly what "attention" means for your individual goals and then outline skills that can serve as building blocks to get to your definition of attention. There is a wonderful balance of these exercises and cleverly inserted theories of learning that help you make better choices for your team in terms of planning for efficiency, clarity and setting up for success.  You have the option to go as deep or wide with your skills, and her excellent and pointed feedback helped me iron out some wrinkles that I was struggling with for a while, or did not even realize I would hit :)  My newly adolescent dog loved going everywhere and trying the basic exercises, and by starting with this simple ask of attention and nothing else, training has started becoming something he looks forward to! Im really glad I took this class with him, and think it is a fantastic place to spend some time with your team mate, irrespective of where you are in your training journey. 

Thanks Agnieszka!



March 16, 2021

Empowered dogs: Cooperative husbandry training

I wish I had found this course a year ago, but I am so happy I found it now! This course is amazing and has literally been life changing for my dog and I! For the first time I not only feel hope, but confident that I will be able to groom my dog and that she will want to participate. I have learned so much in this past 6 weeks and I have so many things I can work on with my dog. All of the training plans and videos Iris provided throughout the course have been very easy to understand and follow along to. I love training with my dog and I love to see that she is enjoying the process as well. She has never been this calm during any kind of grooming before and now she will lay down in her relaxed position and let me brush her, even her belly! She has NEVER done this before. We are making great strides and it is thanks to this course! I highly recommend it and I think it's a skill set any dog owner should have. If there is a next level to this course I will definitely sign up for it. Thank you so much Iris and Tromplo!


arianna tomassoli

March 14, 2021

Shape me up!

This course is really important for me. I thought I was doing many things correctly but I discovered I wasn’t. The most important things I learned are how to describe the behavior I want to teach (we never do this. How can we teach a behavior if we don’t have in mind how it looks like? How can our dog learn it?), analyze it and divide it into small pieces. And this is really the key to shape behaviors. I really learned how to set my dog up to success. Agnieszka is an amazing teacher, her lessons are clear and so useful. I highly recommend this course even if you think you are a great trainer! 



November 19, 2020

Masters of Odor Pt. 1

The first thing I did when I finished this course was to enrol in the next available course given by Sarah!! 

I did not know very much what to expect by this course, but I was impressed by the amount of information available about Odour. I had so much fun with my dog and Sarah's feedback. What an amazing teacher and Human Being. Sarah will make sure that you don't feel bad about yourself for what went wrong in a session, but to look at it as precious information you can work on for next session. You know that feeling your dogs have when they know the treat moment is approaching?? That's me in the morning opening my email and checking for Sarah's feedback. :) she conditioned me very well! 

Get ready for a lot of prep work, a lot of information, it is important to have access to different locations and places where you can set up the different odour scenarios. Think in advance if you have access to different and safe outdoor spaces, take into account the weather and light conditions for your videos. Having a proper "GoPro" camera or someone to help you with recording is super helpful. 

Don't even think twice, just enrol and enjoy this amazing class where your dog will have fun and teach you so much! 

Sofia & Suzy/ Premium Students



November 11, 2020

Nosework Stage 1

This is the second course I've done that has been taught by Agnieszka and I enjoyed this one as much as R+ course.  Agnieszka is an exceptional tutor demonstrating enviable patience and teaching skills and brilliant problem solving solutions!  I always wanted to do nosework with Odie and I loved that the course was broken up into perfect bite size chunks with excellent video demonstrations.  We got way further than I was expecting with the content, despite me really learning what works for my boy (thanks to great advice from Agnieszka!), and it has given me lots of work to do to ensure I've got fluent behaviours before we go on to Nosework Stage 2. As with my previous Tromplo course it's made me think so much about the way I train and ensuring I set my dog up for success even if that means 30 second training sessions to prevent "away with the faeries" moments!  Thank you so much Aga, me and Odie had a blast!  I hope we'll see you soon for Nosework Stage 2 :-)



August 20, 2020

Preparation for Frisbee part one

I loved this course. Me and my dog got so much out if it! Mikolaj is brilliant at explaining the why's and how's of toy training. I can't wait for Part 2!!!



June 27, 2020

The Foundations of Concept Training

Excellent course. I went on to take the Concepts course and found that the foundations set here made the transition to that course a smooth progression. 
I appreciated that there was a real focus on figuring out what would work best for you and your dog rather than offering a cookie cutter approach. 
Highly recommend.

Heather Gillihan

May 12, 2020

In chains! Backchaining from A-Z

I absolutely cannot say enough about this course, and our instructor, Catja!  This was my very first experience with Tromplo, but it definitely will not be my last!  First, let me address the course itself: "In chains! Backchaining from A-Z" was phenomenal!  Let me say though, that it is not for the faint of heart.  It takes time each week to work on the homework, as you must create, practice, video, and upload your chains and assignments.  It was not overwhelming, or too much, by any stretch, but it did take dedication.  I often found myself checking the site multiple times on days that a new lesson was coming out, as I was excited to get started!  Not only did we learn about the PROCESS of backchaining, but also the rationale behind why it is often the superior method to achieve the results and reliability we so often crave.  I also learned the importance of REAL fluency in a behavior, and why it must be achieved prior to including it in a chain.  Often, I THOUGHT a behavior was fluent, but putting it into a chain showed me that the individual behavior still needed work.  This was extremely eye-opening for me.  

Now for our "instructor extraordinaire":  Catja, is beyond words.  I am a dog trainer by profession, and originally was just looking for something fun to do with my dog during the COVID down time.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, but Catja blew me away from day 1!  Let me give you an example:  I was having trouble getting my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to take and hold a dumbbell from my hand.  I have trained other dogs to retrieve, but was having difficulty with this dog.  I uploaded a video for Catja to see, and I was floored by her insight!  Within 5 minutes of applying her comments and suggestions on my video, my dog was willingly taking the dumbbell from my hand and holding it for several seconds before I asked for the release.  And that was BEFORE we began the chaining work.  Catja is thorough in her explanations, details, demos, and assignments, and even more so when replying to the videos we submit.  She is patient, kind, and encouraging with her comments and suggestions, and her thoughtful manner makes you want to work harder to get results.  I will definitely be back to Tromplo, and... if I'm being honest... will first look for courses taught by Catja!



February 2, 2020

Control Is An Illusion: Rethinking How We Teach for “Impulse Control”

I cannot recommend this course enough. Sarah is a thoughtful, organized teacher and dedicates so much time to providing information and feedback. I took the course with a GSP pup I was training for a client family. Through this training, Mellie was able to go to her home with the foundation of stimulus control and I was able to give her family games and training to continue the process. I loved being able to watch other people’s videos and see feedback, learn from the other students taking the course, and develop my ideas and training methods. 

As a service dog trainer, stimulus control (what I was calling self-control and impulse control before) is the foundation for our training. Because of this course, I was able to refine and improve the methods I already had in place to give clear, consistent communication to the dogs and clients I work with. This course is absolutely wonderful for any dog trainer or owner that wants to learn more about dog behavior and providing clear information regarding stimulus control. 



January 15, 2020

Attention Please

Great course. My dog and I have struggled with focus and motivation and have "read all the books" but couldn't crack the code on our own.

At the end of the course I have a dog, that is happy to start work and has even started to initiate it himself when out and about.

Course material breaks it all down in manageable steps and that plus instructur feedback has given us a foundation and tools to move forward.




December 19, 2019

Control Is An Illusion Pt. 2

Highly recommend this course!  In fact, I can't imagine any reason for anyone not to want to take it!

CII Part 1 was very lecture dense with a lot of exercises to work on.  CII Part 2 is completely different - very light on lectures with heavy focus on Sarah working with each Premium student to fashion training plans using the CII principles to meet their specific goals.  Mastery of all of the skills from CII was not necessary.  Sarah guided each Premium student through how to apply the relevant skills.  I think most if not all Premium students found their goals evolve under Sarah's guidance.  She gave amazing, detailed, insightful feedback.

I took it at Premium and was amazed at how much I was able to accomplish in 6 weeks.  I also followed the other Premium threads and learned an incredible amount from them as well.

CII skills and concepts are very powerful tools applicable in a wide range of situations and Part 2 helps flesh that out.  Sarah is an incredible teacher.  The class is the perfect combination of important subject matter and excellent instruction.


Jennifer Will

December 15, 2019

Off cue – off control? Vol 1!
Just superb Catja thank you so much! Working through the course has totally changed my way of thinking about cues. I would have added them previously long before we became fluent so seeing how this works so well has been eye opening and I haven’t missed the cues one bit in the process. We’ve become fascinated by Hold and Heel both of which would have been on my ‘ I might train this one day if there’s nothing else appealing to train’ ( in other words I WONT be training those!!) Already looking forward to refining both in Part 11 course ? 
You are a very kind trainer always finding something encouraging to say even when we made an arse of things and coming up with great ideas when we needed to think outside the box .It’s been a super fun  journey and there’s no doubt that Pie has enjoyed it just as much as me! 
​​​​​​​5 stars for sure!!!


December 12, 2019

Behavior Analysis & Modification
This was my first Premium course that I took on Tromplo and it was an absolutely amazing experience. It was such a pleasure to work with Lisa as a teacher! Lisa is so patient and she always reinforces her students during solving homework.

The material of this course is essential not only if you want to modify your own pet's behaviour but also if you plan to work with clients and their dogs in the future. I've learnt how to operationalize behaviours and effectively analyse their antecedents and function to come up with and implement an appropriate a modification plan.

I absolutely loved homeworks which included not only discussions about my dog behaviour but also analyzing videos which was challenging but not too hard as Lisa was always there if I needed help.

To sum it all up, I highly recommend this course for everyone who ever wants to work on "undesirable" (from our point of view) behaviours - either those of their own pets or client's.

arianna tomassoli

August 11, 2019

Trainer’s Toolbox
This is one of the best course I've ever attended. It gives you an insight into all the amazing tools a trainer has to teach with passion and quality. What I love the most is the presence of videos that explain what it's written inside the lesson, they really make everything clear! I found some teaching methods that were not in "my toolbox" and I thought that maybe they were not suitable for me and my dog... I was wrong. I just had to go out of my comfort zone and follow Agnieszka's guidelines! Agnieszka is an amazing trainer, what a pleasure to watch her videos!! She is really supportive, she helps you but, at the same time, she gives you the chance to develop your potentials. She is a real pro, I love the fact that she incorporates science in her lessons, it is indicative of her professionalism. Having said that, let me tell you the only problem you have to face... you can get addicted to this course!! :)))


June 15, 2019

Shaping Canine Fitness
This was a course I decided to do more because I felt that it was a side of my dog training knowledge I wanted to improve and because it is so nice to have an alternative to get a fit dog without always taking a walk in the rain when autumn comes... BUT I was happily surprised by how much fun me and my dog had and how much information that was included and how much this newfound knowledge has improved my observational skills when reviewing my own training. It was a perfect mix of anatomy, lessons in movement, what an impact different targets, reinforcement strategies, the pace of a movement has and of course lots of training videos with exercises for an allround doggie workout =) Camille is an excellent trainer, I learnt a lot and she is very commited and gives practical advice and she is so calm and clear when working her own dogs, very inspiring indeed =D I am looking forward towards the sequel to this course!

Wendy Webster

June 13, 2019

Empowered dogs: Cooperative husbandry training
I loved this course. I had started some husbandry training before but the material in this course took it to a whole new level. I am so pleased and grateful to have been taught how to have a conversation with my dog.

Iris is extremely helpful and even devised some really successful extra training to help with getting my dog to feel more comfortable in a bike basket. She made new videos to demonstrate how to apply the exercises.

This course has improved how I relate to my dog on a daily basis. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.


May 16, 2019

Wow! I mean seriously wow! This is the second course I take with Tromplo and there will hopefully be many more to come :D Who even knew there was just so much to learn and to consider to make your training sessions as successful as possible and thus also more enjoyable and less frustrating for both you and your dog?!
I found both the written lectures and the videos highly informative and it was easy to implement at home and with every feedback I got for the videos I sent in my understanding and my skills as a trainer have increased. Not only that, but it was a pleasure all along and the homework sometimes was very thought provoking.
The site is very well structured and userfriendly, feedback is fast and always meticulous, with suggestions for your next session, so no matter your level you will improve.
I believe that most dog owners would benefit from this course and since you can do it anywhere anytime as long as you have an internetconnection it really is superconvenient =)

Rachel Blackmer

May 15, 2019

Freakishly fluent
Freakishly fluent is an **amazing** course. I came into the course as a good trainer with a lot of functional skills. I came out the other side with Ninja skills and a lot of tools to help me analyze and understand my training sessions in a way that had our training improving in leaps and bounds in the course of 6 weeks. The Freakishly Fluent toolbox has deeply improved my training efficiency and effectiveness.

Catja is patient, clear, supportive, and gives timely feedback that results in conversations that increase my understanding even more. Most importantly she's able and willing to help me work with the behaviors from my sport. Thank you, Catja!

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