Camille Nguyen
Camille Nguyen

Shaping Canine Fitness

Improve your training skills and dog's physical condition at the same time!

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1 March 2021


Lisa Longo
Lisa Longo

The problem solving guide to your pet’s behavior

An easily accessible science related course for pet owners

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1 March 2021


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Training at Tromplo is based on a scientific approach to learning and its application in animal training. We use applied behavior analysis principles to understand why animals behave the way they do. Positive reinforcement is what we do!



Because it is empowering! For you and your animal. You choose what you want to learn. Your animal chooses to engage in a learning journey with you.



Because you never stop learning. That’s why we are always available, from the comfort of your home.

Tromplo is something different, something special. We believe in science and experience, not common knowledge.

You will learn the principles used by the top training professionals in the world, because that’s what your animal deserves. Because we apply science, our work is ethical, effective, practical, reinforcing and brings clarity to your training sessions. Animal training and learning science is our passion!

Tromplo - animal training platform

Tromplo is an online animal training platform. We teach you and your animal, but we are not just a dog training school. Tromplo offers learning opportunities for all species, humans included. Our students are dogs, cats, horses, goats, pigs, parrots, turtles, hamsters, and human learners.
We offer six weeks online courses, webinars for animal training and a broad range of free content - facebook lives, articles, videos, and our popular podcast - The Dog Real Talk.

Professional trainings for your animal

Tromplo is a place where you will learn up to date, science-based methods in animal training. All our instructors are respected professionals in the field. At Tromplo, we only use positive reinforcement-based protocols, and our team has very high ethical standards.
It doesn't matter if you are new to dog training or if you are already a professional in the community, Tromplo has a lot to offer to everyone. We offer animal video training courses. Whether you seek help with your pet's problem behavior, want to learn dog disc foundation, geek into the science of animal training, learn to use positive reinforcement with your kid, or find out what this clicker training is all about, Tromplo is a perfect place! Tromplo offers thoughtful and thorough education for anyone interested in the science of learning, dog training, pet training!

Animal training online courses

All our animal video training courses are online, last six weeks, and offer two options for attendance. Premium and Auditor. Both give you 24/7 access to course materials, which includes lessons, videos, homework from your instructor.
There is more! You get lifetime access to this content and a certificate of attendance! If you choose Premium Spot - you will have six weeks of daily, personalized feedback from the instructor, and up to 12 minutes weekly video, you can submit for the review! Check out our animal training platform now!

Why would you choose online learning?

As one of our students said, "With online learning, you can choose your own time to train. Also, I think online learning gives opportunities to share more of the better quality knowledge at the same price as seminars. There is no necessity to use mental shortcuts, labels, or generalization because everyone has more time to process the knowledge."

  • nurtures independent learning,
  • Flexible access that offers a platform for you to learn, when & where suits you,
  • easily accessible Tutor support and interaction,
  • training available at the individual's pace,
  • provides both sound theory and practical knowledge,
  • advantages of one on one training (personalized feedback) combined with group training (learning from others),
  • offers a clear, structured learning pathway,
  • has the advantages of one on one training (personalized feedback) combined with group training (learning from others),
  • become part of a supportive, enriching community,
  • environmentally friendly,
  • practice on a regular basis,
  • provides a non-intrusive environment for the learner,
  • lifetime access to course material

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