Episode 4: Attention Please! Will the real focus please stand up!

Welcome to the fourth episode of Aga Podcast

Attention Please! Will the real focus please stand up!

Before we start teaching our learners complicated behaviors and advanced concepts, we need to teach them how to learn. This course focuses on building one of the most important skills our dogs need in training; focus. When we talk about concentration, we mean a set of behaviors. We can say that those are prerequisite behaviors that we teach not only as significant in themselves but as necessary to teach other behaviors. Their goal is to increase productivity in teaching other behaviors. We may call them “on task” behaviors. Most importantly it is a skill we need to learn and teach! Too often we take it for granted and we require our dogs to „just have it”. But unless we operationalize it and define clear criteria – there are few chances we will be successful!

6 practical tips on how you can improve your dog’s focus!  More about each point  – in the newsletter!

  1. Operationalize focus!

  2. Give your dog time to acclimate!

  3. Rules apply both ways

  4. Clarity of the training session!

  5. Less is more!

  6. Use food as an assessment tool!


  1. My Attention Please course on Tromplo https://tromplo.com/course/attention-please-11/
  2. Food Webinar on Tromplo https://tromplo.com/webinar/food-operant-behavior-dog-training/
  3. Webinar section on Tromplo (Attention Please webinar coming soon!) https://tromplo.com/webinar/food-operant-behavior-dog-training/
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See you in two weeks! In the meantime… BEHAVE yourself!