Episode 6: 8 things you can change starting today to make your dog’s life better

Welcome to the sixth episode of the AGA podcast! 8 things you can change starting today to make your dog’s life better It’s not easy to be a thoughtful paw parent! Although it may seem that now, with all the access to the internet, things would have been easier but… A constant stream of information may seem overwhelming! We often do something just because “that’s how you do it,” “everyone does it this way.” But it doesn’t have to be like this! Just by tweaking little things, we can make our dog’s life and our life much better! This episode is short and sweet! Just enough time to give you practical tips you can incorporate into your daily life!

8 practical tips!

  1. Find the rhythm of your walks! One that fits your dog and you!

  2. Don’t fight the things you can win!

  3. Find activities your dog enjoys!

  4. Your dog deserves a bowl!

  5. Find the time when you give 100% undivided attention to your dog!

  6. Beware of slippery surfaces!

  7. Don’t use collars! Harness should be your go-to choice!

  8. Focus on behavior, not emotions!

Make sure you sing up to our newsletter to get free, bonus content! This is my last episode before my vacation! I’m taking three weeks offline to recharge batteries and return to you with more strength and ideas! Resources: 1. More on point 4: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMSPCrHnqyW/?igshid=15qyr1g2z1e42 https://tromplo.com See you in six weeks! In the meantime… BEHAVE yourself!