Episode 7: Choice!

Welcome to the seventh episode of AGA podcast!

Welcome back after the break! This is the seventh episode of AGA podcast! I had a wonderful time on my vacation, and right now I have come back with more energy and ideas than ever! Thank you for sticking up with me! The topic of this episode is one of the hottest thing we discuss in the animal training world!


When was the last time you asked your dog what he wants? If he wants to work with you? Does your dog know he has a choice not to work? Does he know how to communicate it to you? Do you know when he communicates it to you? The choice is what defines not only R+ training but merely a happy and willing work partner. Without it, we can move any further in pursuing an engaged and active dog.

In this episode we will analyze the concept of choice in training but also in everyday life with our animals.

1️⃣ What is choice and how can we define it?

2️⃣ Why is choice so important?

3️⃣ How to teach choice?

4️⃣ What to do if you can’t accept NO?

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