Episode 8: Can you do it better?

Welcome to the eighth episode of the AGA podcast!

I am back on track and podcast is scheduled on regular timeline every two weeks!

How do you know it is good enough?

In a world where access to information is unlimited, the choices become overwhelming. We can actually dive deep into the tiniest detail of our lives and start to find problems where there aren’t any! It happens so often with dog training – you have access to so much information you can use to become a better caregiver, teacher. Still, suddenly choices become paralyzing, and you stop doing anything. You freeze! You shut down entirely and decide you are the crappiest caregiver in the world, especially if you keep seeing all these fantastic trainers on the internet. Check out this episode to find out more about this topic!

But remember, “better is often the enemy of good”

See you in two weeks! In the meantime… BEHAVE yourself!