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Blog :: relationship

Cat and dog introductions

“Fighting like cats and dogs” is such a common phrase in our culture that many of us may have accepted never bringing a new dog…

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How to build a dog’s confidence?

I feel like more and more people start to care about the dog’s well being. For those that are involved in dog’s sports, it’s apparent…

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Why do we accept humans to have different personalities while we ask our dogs to conform to others?

Each of our past experiences forms our new behaviors. Have we all had the same experiences? Are we all identical? No it’s impossible. And so…

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Are you sure your dog understands you?

Si vous ne me comprenez pas, c’est normal. Je vous écris en français. Vous ne connaissez pas cette langue? Cela vous dérange de…

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Trust, the forgotten stepping stone

How many Dogs Trust their Human families? By the number of problems that some Humans encounter in their daily lives with Dogs, I would say…

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