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J.R Henderson

Owner and operator of The Cognitive Cat, L.L.C., James is a native of Rochester, NY with a passion for building communication between cats and people through an understanding of feline behavior and body language and incorporation of reinforcement-based interactions.

Growing up with dogs, horses, chickens, ducks, goats and a llama, James fell in love with an enigmatic feline when he was six years old, a domestic short-haired cat, of tortoiseshell coat pattern and named her, ‘Bambi.’ (Thanks Walt Disney!)

From that point onward, he immersed himself in learning and experiencing everything he could about the wild and mysterious ways of these ‘undomesticated,’ domesticates. James volunteers in the shelter system, non-profit rescues as well as working with personal clients to help develop communication, trust & relationship between cats and people in the context of certain behavioral concerns or as a consultant for reinforcement-based plans of care.

In 2020, he furthered his learning, attaining a diploma from, the Companion Animal Services Institute (C.A.S.I.) in feline behavioral technology. He continues to be active in online behavior communities as well as furthering education through conferences and courses.

James opened in 2019 which transitioned to, The Cognitive Cat, L.L.C. and has works with both private clients as well as continuing within the shelter system as a proponent of feline welfare issues, ranging from trap-neuter-return, declaring bans and other aspects of feline related welfare.

He remains committed and passionate about offering choice and control to cats so they can become active and voluntary participants in all aspects of veterinary/cooperative care, environmental enrichment and through every interaction.

James works as a registered nurse in his day job where opportunities for learning and teaching abound. As his clowder reminds him, he wishes to remind us all:

Keep living in the meow!


01 Apr 2024
Henderson J.R Henderson

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