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J.R Henderson

As owner and operator of, J.R. is a native Rochestarian with a passion for geeking out with felines along with conditioning species appropriate behavioral patterns in a constructional manner, predicated upon reinforcement-based, least intrusive means available (LIMA) principles and technologies.

J.R. grew up with dogs, horses, chickens, ducks, goats and a llama, but fell in love with the enigmatic feline when he was six years old, pestering his mom (she didn’t need much convincing though, lol) to adopt a domestic short-haired cat, with a tortoiseshell coat pattern and J.R. named her, ‘Bambi.’ (Thanks Walt Disney!)

From here on out, J.R. immersed himself in learning and experiencing everything he could about the wild and mysterious ways of this ‘undomesticated,’ domesticate, the cat. He cultivated experience volunteering in the shelter system, learning about the etiology and functional contingencies involved in aversive feline behavioral patterns, from inappropriate elimination and marking, to furniture scratching, counter-surfing, overt aggression patterns and inter-family dynamics of all sorts, and he strove to encourage enhanced feline-human relationality and conditioning species appropriate behavioral patterns through the implementation of rituals, routine, and daily rhythm.

J.R. furthered his behavioral journey, earning a technological diploma from, the Companion Animal Services Institute (C.A.S.I.) in feline behavioral technologies in 2020 and continues to be active in many online behavior communities attending and being inspired by the plethora of quality behavioral conferences and classes offered at Tromplo and beyond!

He opened in 2019 and has worked with both private clients as well as continuing to work within the shelter system and as a tireless proponent of feline welfare issues, ranging from trap-neuter-return projects to helping felines live a more stress-free and species appropriate lifestyle in a world of demands placed upon them for which as a species, evolution has not prepared them for, from living a life indoors, potentially lacking in aspects of environmental enrichment and leading to all sorts of behavioral challenges.

J.R. is passionate about offering choice and control to felines to become active and voluntary participants in all aspects of veterinary and cooperative care, environmental enrichment and cat behavior chat of all sorts. J.R. works as a registered nurse in his day job where opportunities for learning and teaching abound. As his clowder reminds him daily, he wishes to remind us all:

Keep living in the meow!


01 Apr 2024
Henderson J.R Henderson

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