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English version: https://tromplo.com/material/mindset-matters-when-it-comes-to-impulse-control-pt-2-of-2/ Aby inaczej sformułować dyskusję o samokontroli, pomocne może być myślenie o niej mniej jak o ćwiczeniu “powstrzymywania […]
how to stop my dog
Published by Lisa Longo
“My name is no ! Or anyway, that’s how my owners call me. ” In some households, this word is […]
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Hello. Please, may I have your attention! Now I have your awareness, I can engage you into learning about how […]
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Trust and relationship are two factors that are still not very often mentioned in the dog world and especially within […]
Dog and shadow on the road with dramatic sky background.Art tone
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The Clever Hans effect is one of the most discussed topics in concept training. What effect is the handler having […]
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Errorless learning is possible. It requires careful planning, antecedent arrangement, breaking down behavior into small teachable units, mechanical skills of a trainer, observational skills, and strategic delivery of reinforcement. It’s not easy, but it is possible. 
Happy New Year
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New Year’s Eve is coming! Tromplo Team wishes you Happy New Year with plenty of positive reinforcement available! Unfortunately for […]
Published by Agnieszka Janarek
“If you don’t graph you are not doing ABA” I first heard this quote during my ABA program at Florida […]
Startbutton contingencies
Published by Eva and Emelie
A question we often get is “But, what if my learner doesn’t say ‘yes’?” The short and sweet answer is: […]
Dont Touch Dog
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I absolutely have to tell you what happened to me this afternoon. 🙁 It is absolutely scandalous and I am […]