Published by Agnieszka Janarek
“If you don’t graph you are not doing ABA” I first heard this quote during my ABA program at Florida […]
Startbutton contingencies
Published by Eva and Emelie
A question we often get is “But, what if my learner doesn’t say ‘yes’?” The short and sweet answer is: […]
Dont Touch Dog
Published by Lisa Longo
I absolutely have to tell you what happened to me this afternoon. 🙁 It is absolutely scandalous and I am […]
Angel Devil Dog
Published by Lisa Longo
– Each of our past experiences forms our new behaviors. Have we all had the same experiences? Are we all […]
Published by Lisa Longo
Of my more than 1000 Facebook friends, more than half have an interest in parrots. No wonder, therefore, that my […]
Talking with dog
Published by Lisa Longo
Si vous ne me comprenez pas, c’est normal. Je vous écris en français. Vous ne connaissez pas cette langue? Cela […]
Published by Catja B. Pedersen
For me, off cue behaviors are the base of my entire training. Being good at those, makes it possible to […]
Dog with toilet paper
Published by Karen Backhouse
Here is my formula for successful house training. If you have started to use a lead, then take the pup […]
Published by Diana Gawel
More and more often the owners of puppies ask if they can start nosework with such a young dog. The answer […]
Published by Diana Gawel
Brainwork and various types of olfactory work allow a dog to calm down. A dog which is too excited is […]