Happy New Year

New Year’s Eve Survival Tips

Published by: Agnieszka Janarek

New Year’s Eve is coming! Tromplo Team wishes you Happy New Year with plenty of positive reinforcement available!

Unfortunately for many animals and their caregivers this is one of the worst days of the year.

We hope these tips created by one of our Instructors Catja B. Pedersen will help you survive this day safely!


  1.  Keep the dog on leash all day and night 31/12, when you’re outside. Also in the garden. Dogs in panic, can jump incredibly high fences.
  2. Make sure you have suitable light visible from long range, on your dogs collar and harness. Should the dog run, it’s easier to find them with lights on.
  3. Make sure the dogs tag is up to date with current contact information.
  4. Do NOT bring the dog outside at midnight. Even the most relaxed dog can panic by fireworks close by.
  5. Make sure you and your guests always close the door whenever you go outside. Assign the responsibility for keeping the door closed to a certain person.
  6. Make sure the dog had had plenty of exercise and search assignment before it gets dark. A well stimulated dog, is more likely to sleep.
  7. Build a “cave” indoor. A blanket over 2 chairs makes a comfy safe space, close to you.
  8. Make sure you don’t ignore your dog if he’s scared. You should be close to him and able to provide him safety.
  9. Prepare food dispensing toys for the entire evening and give dog his food in that. Add some extra great stuff, to help him focus on that.
  10. If the dog is really scared, then put a blanket over the dogs car crate and some nice treats in there. Then put your dog in the crate at 23.45 (or however long it takes you to reach a quiet place) and drive away from the city with music. From distance you can enjoy all the fireworks, and the dog can just relax and don’t even notice.
  11. That the dog was fine last year, does not mean that he will be this year. Drops of fear from past year can suddenly show the next year.
  12. Consider thunder shirt or taking to your vet about drugs, if you are not able to help your dog yourself.

I’ve spend the last 10 years doing number 10, also when we had guests.
It works so well, and it’s catching on here. Now many of us meet far outside the city and wish eachother a happy new year, with cake and soda – and new people are joining every year and saving their dogs from panic ❤️“

Catja B. Pedersen


”I have always provided my dogs with safe spot, I have always payed attention to them, cuddled them, talked to them, entertained them. I have provided vast sources of reinforcement, I made things predictable. No, I did not reinforce fear because you simply can’t. It is an oxymoron. Fear is not a behavior, it’s a label and even if we describe it using observable behaviors it usually comes down to reflexes and physiological responses; and these are not under the control of consequences. So don’t worry – if your dog is shaking, you can cuddle him, you can comfort him. If combined with Catja’s tips it will only help your animal!”

Agnieszka Janarek


Tromplo Team wishes all of you Happy and Safe New Year! See you in 2020!


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