Puppy House Training Without the Tears

Here is our formula for successful house training:

  • If you have started to use a lead, then take the pup outside on it.  When they have completed their ablutions, you can reward them and let them off in the garden for a bit of exploring.  This way they don’t get distracted and forget what they are outside for.
  • Reward all wees and poos outside with a high-value treat.  If you think of a dry biscuit being worth Euro 1, give them something worth Euro 10.
  • Take them outside
    • When they wake up
    • After they have eaten
    • After they have played
    • After training
    • Before bed
    • and every hour in between (except for through the night)
  • Don’t punish or draw attention to any accidents
  • Clean any accident areas with an effective deodorizer such as Simple Solution or Urine-off (or local equivalent).  Dogs will revisit areas where odors haven’t been properly deodorized.
  • You can take the pups to the same area every time to eliminate and this will help them to continue going in the same areas when they are on their own (this will take time)
  • You can also add a word to the event if you wish so you can ask them to go in the future (this will also take time to learn)

We hope that these tips will be useful to you in house training your puppy 🙂