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Errorless shaping in a nutshell

Agnieszka Janarek Agnieszka Janarek
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Master the art of shaping behaviors in animal training! Learn step-by-step techniques, session planning, and discover the secrets of effective shaping.

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Shaping is not a training in which your dog has to “figure out what to do”!

When your dog has to “come up with what is expected of him”, this is not shaping – that is just bad training.

Think about what you will be teaching. In any other context, random behaviors that the animal offers are usually signs of a extinction process and resurgence of behaviors, and that is definitely something we don’t want.

An important part of shaping is to gradually build the behavior. Shaping should be errorless! Each step should lead to the desired behavior. This requires prior setting and analysis of the necessary premises.

Does this sound scary and serious? Don’t worry! I will explain it with simple examples and everything is shown in tutorials, so you will understand it quickly!

Find out:

– How to shape errorlessly?

– How to plan shaping sessions?

– How to control antecedents?

– When can you add a cue?

– What should you do if an error occurs?

This webinar will delve into the topic of behavior shaping for beginners and advanced students.

What topics will we cover:

– What shaping is,

– Fading and how to avoid it,

– Relapse of behaviors,

– Errorless training,

– Step-by-step tips for a training session

– The importance of planning and why not to ignore this element

– How to manage antecedents

– The application of backchaining in shaping

– Prompts in shaping – do you have to prompt?

– Dealing with errors and how to avoid them

– Lots of practical exercises

– Shaping with objects

– Shaping without objects

Our goal as teachers is to make sure that the learning process is clear. Let me help you understand how you can do this so you never have this problem again!

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You need to buy this webinar to see the video.