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“WAIT”! Teach your dog duration behaviors!

Agnieszka Janarek Agnieszka Janarek
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Explore effective strategies for teaching duration behaviors without relying on extinction or negative punishment.

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This webinar will cover duration behaviors from a variety of angles.

  • Teaching duration behaviors seems to be one of the most common struggles handlers experience in their training.
  • Is there a different way to teach “WAIT” than the common “withhold the click”?
  • How do we “withhold the click” without using extinction or negative punishment?
  • How do we teach duration without unwanted behavior in the loop?

This webinar will cover all that and much more!

We will also talk about:

  •  what is the duration
  • how do we teach duration
  • stimulus control and duration
  • backchaining and duration
  • common errors
  • duration in dog training sports!


As always, the webinar is excellent, and you are amazing. You are a great teacher, love learning from you

thank you

Graciela Morote

October 23, 2023

This webinar was AMAZING! Before the webinar, I’ve been struggling with duration behavior for a few (okay, not only a few, a lot of) months. I didn’t like the “withhold the click and wait another second” strategy because my dog would start to offer behaviors instead of just maintaining position (even if it was just one second, he would start to offer sit, down, back, touch, barking,..) It was frustrating for him because he didn’t understand what I wanted and also for me, because I didn’t want to use extinction, but also I wasn’t being able to build any duration with him. I tried so many different approaches with him and in the end we only got 1-2 seconds of duration, but it wasn’t consistent and most of the time he would again start offering behaviors. We were really struggling with this duration behaviors and I stopped trainig that because we were not having progress. This webinar was life changing. Now I totally understand why I wasn’t being able to build duration! In the first training session after watching it I already started to practice what was taught and my dog was able to perform a behavior (stand) without dancing feet. Now he is also being able to wait a little longer without offering behaviors and getting frustrated. We still have a lot of work to do, but I’m super happy with the results and also because now I know how to make things more clear to him when we are working on duration. 

Mônica Tergolina

September 22, 2023

You need to buy this webinar to see the video.