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Leave it! No! Off! Reframing Impulse Control for Pet Owners

Sarah Owings Sarah Owings
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Delve into the true dynamics behind "impulse control" in dogs and gain practical insights into behavior modification.

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When a dog takes off after a rabbit or steals a sandwich off the table, it is not uncommon to hear it described as an “impulse control” problem. Because of this, pet owners often assume their dog should simply “know better.”

The “know-better” mindset mistakenly places the onus of unwanted behavior on something going on inside the animal’s head. Stealing a sandwich is the fault of an internal impulse, whereas not stealing the sandwich is a virtuous choice. Either way, both interpretations obscure the real causes of behavior, making it difficult to effectively teach alternatives without corrections or unnecessary frustration.

In this webinar, come learn how to reframe “impulse control” more accurately in terms that non-professional trainers can relate to.

Topics to explore:

  • Three things every pet owner needs to understand about “impulse control”
  • Why we don’t need to shy away from correct terminology
  • Safety issues vs. human convenience: the importance of picking your battles
  • Context is everything: figuring out where your animal can get it right
  • The power of “planting densely” (credit Kathy Sdao)
  • Practical applications: what all this looks in real life


Absolutely love it, I’m looking forward to take the full course 🙂

Graciela Morote

October 19, 2023

You need to buy this webinar to see the video.