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Blog :: Puppy

Managing Aggressive Dog Behavior: Tips for Peaceful Living

Living with an aggressive dog may seem challenging, but it can be peaceful and manageable with the right approach. One key aspect is to remain…

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Your dog is not responding to the cue? Your cue is not on time!

Have you ever looked at your dog during a walk trying to decide if he will listen and come to you if you…

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Puppy problems! Raising a puppy – what can you expect?

Getting a puppy is often a time of great excitement and expectations of days filled with cute, joy.  It is difficult to resist those puppy…

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How to train a puppy to walk on a leash without pulling

Here’s the thing….dogs don’t know how to walk with us. And they certainly don’t know how to walk with us on a lead. It’s a…

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How to Deal With an Aggressive Puppy?

Identifying aggression from mouthing or play is not always easy for a puppy owner.  Whilst it is unusual to see aggression in very young puppies,…

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Puppy House Training Without the Tears

Here is our formula for successful house training: If you have started to use a lead, then take the pup outside on it.  When they…

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Can nosework be trained with a puppy?

More and more often the owners of puppies ask if they can start nosework with such a young dog. The answer is: of course, yes! Nosework…

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