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Attention Please

Teaching the art of learning before complex behaviors.

Agnieszka Janarek Agnieszka Janarek

Main page of the course

  • Week 1 (01 Oct 2023)

    • Welcome!
    • Definition and concept of focus
    • Outline of the course
    • Acclimation time – predicting the contingencies
    • The rules apply both ways.
    • Delivery check point!
    • Marker cue
    • Start of the training session
  • Week 2 (08 Oct 2023)

    • The end of training session
    • Don’t call you dog…
    • Response to cue
  • Week 3 (15 Oct 2023)

    • ABCs
    • Catch Me If You Can
  • Week 4 (22 Oct 2023)

    • Extinction
    • Wait for cue
    • Sandwich style
  • Week 5 (29 Oct 2023)

    • Break
    • All-together
    • Backward chaining
  • Week 6 (05 Nov 2023)

    • Did someone mention competition?
    • Competing stimulus – distractions
    • Final Thoughts: Celebrating Achievements and Continuing the Journey


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Delivery check point!

Delivering food is an essential component of training.

Often, we take it for granted, assuming that dogs will eat food anywhere, anytime, and regardless of how it is delivered. We forget to observe how our dogs consume food and fail to pay attention to our own delivery skills.

Today’s exercise will focus on assessing how your dog takes food and how you deliver it. This assessment will allow us to adjust the difficulty level of the tasks in this course. Let’s begin in location #1. Our goal is to ensure a smooth delivery process where neither the dog nor you are distracted. We want your dog to eat one treat after another without interruption.

The main criteria are the fluency of the behavior, precise treat-taking (and delivery on your part), and speed. We do not want any pauses or breaks in eating or delivery. Other than eating, we are not concerned about what the dog does during this exercise.


  • Prepare 5 to 10 treats.
  • Stand or sit in front of your dog.
  • Deliver treats one at a time.
  • Wait for the dog to finish chewing the previous treat before delivering the next one.
  • The only criterion we are focusing on is the dog eating the treats.
  • Deliver the treats without any breaks, maintaining a fast pace.

The ability to eat treats effectively is crucial in training, as treats serve as our primary choice for reinforcing desired behaviors.

Please collect data on:

  • The time your dog needs between each treat.
  • Any unwanted behavior that occurs during the exercise.

By monitoring these variables, we can gain valuable insights into the efficiency of the delivery process and make necessary adjustments to improve overall training outcomes.

Bez Tytułu (29.7 X 21 Cm) (15 X 10.606 Cm) (12 X 8.485 Cm)


  • record the session in location 1.





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