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Masaru Fujii

CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed)

I am a former Dolphin Trainer. I have passed on animal care and training to younger generations as a supervisor in Japan and the Republic of Palau. I then worked as a school teacher and am now a dog trainer.

I live with 4 toy poodles, 1 Jack Russell Terrier, and my groomer's wife and newborn daughter.

I run an online school, Dolphin Boy Academy, mainly for Japanese professionals, where I teach 'Principles of Behavior' to groomers/trainers/veterinarians and convey a scientific and ethical approach and Cooperative Care to improve animal welfare.

In Japan, punishment-based training still persists, and reward-based trainers are the minority.

I entered the Japanese dog industry because I thought my experience as a dolphin trainer could be a catalyst for change in the Japanese dog industry.

My life's purpose is to share the behavior analysis, non-punitive training, and husbandry training that I have learned through training dolphins with as many people as possible.

My focus when working with animals is "Force-Free" and "Fear-Free." Most importantly, giving them "Choice and Control."

In addition to dolphins and dogs, I have trained penguins, cats, pigs, and fish.


01 Nov 2023
Fujii Masaru Fujii

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