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Roberta Bottaro

I have always been passionate about everything related to human and animal behavior, I got a master degree in psychology at the University of Trieste, I got also a master's degree in Natural Sciences (Ethology) at University of Turin and I graduate in Criminology and forensic Sciences at the University of Genoa.

I was lucky enough to follow a two-year post-doc at the Animal Cognition Laboratory of the University of Trieste during which I had the opportunity to follow several research projects on the dog's sense of smell.

I continued my training at the University "Florida Institute of Technology" where I attended a specialization course in Applied Behavior Analysis.

I teach tracking and detection throughout Europe and the United States. In recent times I have focused on the training of K9 units for conservation within some very interesting project like Lifewolfalps EU (poison detection dogs for anti-poaching) and Life Turtle Nest (detection dogs for identify nest of sea turtle).

Supervised by dr. Adee Schoon I conducted a study, sponsored by Italian Kennel Club and PRAP Toscana, concerning the use of dogs in the search for hidden mobile phones in prison. This is the first study of its kind in Italy.

I am an Italian Kennel Club trainer, I am a "Certified Professional Fitness Trainer" , certified by Debbie Torraca and a qualified Fear Free Professional. I completed the trainer course with Tobias Gustavsson and Boki Damis for working dogs (detection and tracking).

I've published two books in three languages (italian, english and spanish): "Mantrailing: a training handbook" and "Detection dogs: theoretical and practical handbook" .


01 Oct 2023
Bottaro Roberta Bottaro

Detection vol 1

How to built up a solid indication

01 Oct 2023
Bottaro Roberta Bottaro

A world of scent

A journey into the dog's sense of smell for professionals and pet owners