Heelwork for obedience

Agnieszka Janarek Agnieszka Janarek
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Stop struggling with the complexities of heelwork, and learn to deconstruct the process into manageable and teachable components!

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Are you struggling with the complexities of heelwork, finding it challenging to deconstruct the process into manageable and teachable components?

I get you! That’s why I specifically designed this webinar to assist you in navigating the challenges of heelwork, guiding you through a comprehensive journey from crafting a robust training plan to mastering both stationary exercises and dynamic movement, ultimately culminating in proficient ring routine preparation.

The webinar will begin with vital steps involved in building a training plan tailored to your dog’s individual needs. Delving into the foundational elements, we’ll explore prerequisite skills essential for successful heelwork. This includes an in-depth discussion on defining the criteria for impeccable heelwork, ensuring a clear understanding of the standards you aim to achieve.

Breaking down heelwork into digestible units is a pivotal aspect of effective training. The webinar will equip you with strategies and techniques to systematically deconstruct heelwork, making the learning process both accessible and rewarding.

From stationary exercises that lay the groundwork to the o handler’s cues that facilitate communication, every detail of heelwork will be thoroughly explored.

What will be covered in this webinar:

  • stationary exercises to movement and ring routine preparation.
  • defining criteria of perfect heelwork
  • different rules for different venues
  • how to break down heelwork
  • training plan
  • prerequisite skills
  • stationary exercises
  • handler’s cues
  • movement loop
  • duration
  • ring routines
  • live Q&A session


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You need to buy this webinar to see the video.