Episode 2: What is the one thing successful people have in common?

Welcome to the second episode of Aga Podcast What is the one thing successful people have in common? Intentionally or not, they have learned to use the rules that govern our behavior. 5 rules you need to know:

  • Your behavior is lawful
  • Focus on the observable and operationalize what you can see
  • Consequences drive behavior. Antecedents set the stage!
  • Errors ARE not necessary.
  • DOs NOT Don’ts

If you want to get a more detailed cheat sheet sign up for the newsletter and we will send you a pdf with bullet points: Resources:

Tromplo Course with wonderful Lisa Longo about ABA in animal training https://tromplo.com/course/the-problem-solving-guide-to-your-pets-behavior-2/

Tromplo Courses with wonderful Lisa Longo about ABA in human and animal behavior change https://tromplo.com/instructors/lisa-longo/

Paul Chance Book you should read if you want to dive deeper https://www.amazon.com/Learning-Behavior-Paul-Chance/dp/1111832773

My Instagram IG video about errors: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIBEUoxnioQ/?igshid=1cbiwsr2m2a9z

My Instagram IG post about errors: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKEUatSBRUO/?igshid=17bwdoogy3o0t

My article about errors: https://tromplo.com/material/an-error-occurred-try-again-later/

My article: https://druzynag.pl/we-teach-behaviors/

My article: https://druzynag.pl/education-of-choice-and-science/

See you in two weeks! In the meantime… BEHAVE yourself!