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What are the signs that our dog may be suffering? Signs of pain in dogs

Pain is organism’s natural response to tissue damage. It is a very important message that we receive from our bodies – ‘hey something is wrong!’.

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How to train your dog to wear a muzzle? Start muzzle training today!

Make your dog wearing a muzzle can be sometimes controversial. Some people argue that you are abusing your dog or that you shouldn’t use it…

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Harness vs collar – what should you choose?

Let’s talk a little bit about the choice between collar and harness. We know, that there is a never-ending dispute over which way of attaching…

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Three games to play at home to boost your dog’s confidence!

Do you think your dog is not very confident? It is possible! But don’t worry. Most dogs are somewhere in the middle between a super…

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Puppy socialisation – how to start and get it right?

Puppy socialisation fundamentals You might have heard that there is a critical period of puppy socialisation and that the window closes at around 16 weeks.

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Your dog is not responding to the cue? Your cue is not on time!

Have you ever looked at your dog during a walk trying to decide if he will listen and come to you if you…

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Puppy problems! Raising a puppy – what can you expect?

Getting a puppy is often a time of great excitement and expectations of days filled with cute, joy.  It is difficult to resist those puppy…

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Five things you can look into to improve your training session!

Training animals is not magic. It is science-based knowledge combined with hours of practical training.  There are a few essential factors that we tend to…

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