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How to train your puppy?

Changes from old style training Training a puppy has moved forward in recent years with a change of focus from dogs being obedient to…

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How to train a puppy to walk on a leash without pulling

Here’s the thing….dogs don’t know how to walk with us. And they certainly don’t know how to walk with us on a lead. It’s a…

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Shake! How to teach a dog to give paw?

Teaching your dog to give a paw is a simple, fun trick which, as well as looking cute, also has practical applications. Offering a paw…

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What is the best age to start training a dog?

Within an animal’s life, sequences of events from conception to death, influence and develop the individual physically & mentally.  During this ontogeny perceptual and behavioural…

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How to start with dog grooming? – choosing the right dog groomer

Grooming is an essential part of the care you need to undertake with your dog for their health and wellbeing. This applies to short-coated or…

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Types and methods of dog training

Listing all possible types of dog training is impossible. Are you a beginner who has just started to take his first steps in sports…

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Dog Nosework — what is it and how to start?

Although they share a thousand-year-old coexistence, men and dogs orient their interests in the world in a substantially different way. Nosework for dogs Imagine you’re…

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How to Deal With an Aggressive Puppy?

Identifying aggression from mouthing or play is not always easy for a puppy owner.  Whilst it is unusual to see aggression in very young puppies,…

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