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Dog Nosework — what is it and how to start?

Although they share a thousand-year-old coexistence, men and dogs orient their interests in the world in a substantially different way. Nosework for dogs Imagine you’re…

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How to Deal With an Aggressive Puppy?

Identifying aggression from mouthing or play is not always easy for a puppy owner.  Whilst it is unusual to see aggression in very young puppies,…

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Dog concept training – Clever Hans in Context

The Clever Hans Effect is one of the most discussed topics in dog concept training. What effect is the handler having on the animal’s choices?…

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How to train a dog’s attention?

Hello. Please, may I have your attention! Now I have your awareness, I can engage you into learning about how to be able to gain…

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What is sport foundation?

Introduction — foundation behavior for dogfrisbee Lately, I keep thinking about foundations. At first, this topic might sound simple, but when you start thinking and…

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How to measure engagement and choice of your learner?

“If you don’t graph you are not doing ABA” I first heard this quote during my ABA program at Florida Institute of Technology. Taking data…

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Why do we accept humans to have different personalities while we ask our dogs to conform to others?

Each of our past experiences forms our new behaviors. Have we all had the same experiences? Are we all identical? No it’s impossible. And so…

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What should I do when my parrot bites me?

A recurring question appears at least once a week on my Facebook wall: What should I do when my parrot bites me? A LOT…

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