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Backchaining – a tool to success in animal training!

When we are teaching our dogs new behaviors, we often focus on the small components of each behavior. If we want to teach the dog…

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How to get my dog to listen to me?

This would be a question that many caretakers of dogs, have asked themself, several times. Most of us have tried to get our dogs to…

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How to train a dog not to jump on you or others?

Jumping up is one of the most common problems humans encounter with their dogs (Lindsay, 2011).  There are numerous articles and varying advice on this…

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My name is NO

“My name is no ! Or anyway, that’s how my owners call me. ” In some households, this word is used more than the animal’s…

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How to train your dog to wear a muzzle?

Make your dog wearing a muzzle can sometimes be controversial. Some people argue that you are abusing your dog or shouldn’t use it when working…

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Cat and dog introductions

“Fighting like cats and dogs” is such a common phrase in our culture that many of us may have accepted never bringing a new dog…

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Reinforcement. How to reward your dog during training?

One thing that I have often noticed in my career as a dog trainer is a certain tendency to fixity in rewarding dogs from both…

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How to build a dog’s confidence?

I feel like more and more people start to care about the dog’s well being. For those that are involved in dog’s sports, it’s apparent…

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