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Are you sure your dog understands you?

Si vous ne me comprenez pas, c’est normal. Je vous écris en français. Vous ne connaissez pas cette langue? Cela vous dérange de…

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Can your learner get fluency, in “off cue” behaviors?

For me, off-cue behaviors are the foundation of my entire training. Being proficient in those behaviors makes it possible to accomplish various advanced tasks. Therefore,…

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Puppy House Training Without the Tears

Here is our formula for successful house training: If you have started to use a lead, then take the pup outside on it.  When they…

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Can nosework be trained with a puppy?

More and more often the owners of puppies ask if they can start nosework with such a young dog. The answer is: of course, yes! Nosework…

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The Impact of Olfactory Work and Brain Training on Dogs

Brainwork and various types of olfactory work allow a dog to calm down. A dog that is too excited is not able to do olfactory…

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Nosework starting routine

Starting routine is a sequence of behaviours known not only in dog sports, including nosework, but also among human athletes. Usually it is a short…

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Trust, the forgotten stepping stone

How many Dogs Trust their Human families? By the number of problems that some Humans encounter in their daily lives with Dogs, I would say…

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Have you ever asked your dog if he wanted to work out? We have.

I have never been a very athletic person: always chosen last in the volleyball team (balls hurt people!), not able to catch my breath if…

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