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Confidence building games for your shy or reactive dog

What does a confident canine look like? Close your eyes and try and imagine a dog that is bold, confident, sure of himself. Secure in…

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Recall Revolution: How to Transform your so-so Recall to a Rocket Recall

This course is a specialized program that focuses on teaching the four pillars of Recall.  The intrinsic motivation for hunting and…

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Detection vol 1

Detection is an activity that involves the use of a dog trained to detect the presence of certain odors and warn its handler when the…

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A world of scent

Although they share a thousand-year-old coexistence, men and dogs orient their interests in the world in a substantially different way. We as humans are sight-oriented…

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Puppy kindergarten – From puppy to best friend

In our six-week puppy course, we will guide you through the essential journey of puppy socialization and training, equipping you with the knowledge and skills…

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Heelwork to heaven vol 1.

This course will be the first of the three part heelwork series! Vol 1. focuses on stationary exercises and prerequiste skills. What is the first exercise that…

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Harmony in Multidog Household

“Dogs are a bit like chips… It’s hard to have just one!”   In some families, cohabitation can go very well, but in others, the…

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Mat and crate training foundations

Mat training is one of the most important behaviors that can be taught. It’s very useful in many situations when people and dogs live in…

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